Looking for a Lucky New Necklace? Peep Pennyroyal Silver

Aug 31, 2010 By Amy

In a world of gaudy jewelry, we love accessories that make a statement while retaining their simplicity. A perfect example of this is the brand, Pennyroyal Silver and designer, Tim Foster who creates unique handmade silver pendants. Originally hailing from the music industry, Foster entered the jewelry arena when he hammered away at an old 1979 penny (his birth year) and drilled a hole through it. Something clicked in his head and he continued to explore crafting pieces. We asked Foster a few more questions to understand how he made this transition.

1. If you weren’t a jewelry designer what would you be?

That’s pretty tough to say. Probably something in music again. I worked at a record company for about 7 years before I started designing jewelry, and music has always been my passion, so I’d probably get back into that in some way. Artist management, directing music videos, photography… those would be my areas of interest I think. Glass blowing and bronze sculpture have always been interesting to me too. A job where I can crank up the music and be creative is perfect for me.

2. What is the inspiration for your latest collection?

My collection is constantly evolving and the inspiration for each design is different. The thing that all my designs have in common is imperfection. I’ve always compared the process of making a piece of jewelry to the process of writing and recording a song. The initial sketch of a design is like the writing process. I think about what the piece will mean and then start scribbling out ideas. I don’t really have a clear idea of what the finished piece will look like, it’s just a basic outline. The actual process of translating the sketch idea into a silver design is like recording a song. I just start to build it and carve out the details and stop when it feels done. I never try to make it perfect. The scratches and wrinkles are what give each design a soul. It’s like Bob Dylan’s voice. The imperfections make it unique and real. Can you imagine if Bob Dylan auto-tuned his voice to be perfectly on pitch?

3. What cities, neighborhoods and/or regions inspire you and why?

I’ve found inspiration in the major European cities I’ve been to. London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, etc… There is so much history everywhere. I like the look of the structures and architecture that has been there for a thousand years and have had their ornate details rounded off by time. I guess it’s the beauty of imperfection that I find so inspiring. Old buildings, cobble stone streets, old wrought iron railings, a structure that has been half broken down for parts for another structure… they all have amazing stories locked inside.

We love the uniqueness of handcrafted items, particularly this Large Fleur de Lis sterling silver pendant ($90) featured at the top of this article. Actually, we like this piece so much, that we’re giving you the opportunity to win it (consider it your lucky new necklace;).

To Enter:

1 – Send a tweet with the following phrase: Coveting this Fleur de Lis @_pennyroyal pendant featured on @MyFDB‘s blogzine! #contest

Rules: The more you tweet, the better your odds. We’ll be picking one winner at random who will be notified via DM on Twitter. Thank you to Pennyroyal Silver for providing this prize and Caro Marketing for handling the logistics. Contest ends Monday September 6th at 8:00 pm (PST).

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