Cat Woman…I Mean Halle Berry Is On The Cover of Vogue

Aug 12, 2010 By Amy

Vogue shows us they still got it when it comes to�the�competitive covers of�September issues. Their latest look highlights the�stunningly beautiful Halle Berry. The�actress looks amazing while showing of�a�sleek new haircut while being photographed by�Mario Testino. We can’t wait to�get this issue into our database; until then you can view past Vogue covers to�see how Berry fits in.

For�your reading pleasure we’ve included a�few excerpts from her interview:

On�her first interview in�three years: �I�was burned-out with having other people tell the�story about me that they wanted to�tell. I�told my�publicist, �I�m not going to�talk anymore. I�m just going to�live my�life and�be who I�am.��

On�being asked to�be on�the�cover of�the�September issue of�Vogue: �What that means for�a�woman of�color and�what that means in�the�fashion world, what that means to�pop culture, there was no way I�could say, �No I�m not going to�be on�the�biggest issue of�the�year.��

On�the��Oscar curse: �Everybody talks about the�Oscar curse,� she says. �People win Oscars, and�then it seems like they fall off the�planet. And�that�s partly because a�huge expectation walks in�the�room and�sits right down on�top of�your head. The�moment I�won the�Oscar, I�felt the�teardown the�very next day. I�thought, If I�m going down, I�m going down taking chances and�daring to�risk. Hence�Catwoman.�

On�her appreciation of�the�female body: �I�love the�naked female form…. I�just feel like that�s the�most empowered position you can be in.�

�That comes with age,� she says. �I�ve been slowly getting there. If the�world wouldn�t persecute me, I�d take nude pictures every day of�the�week.�

On�her relationship and�breakup with Gabriel Aubry:

�It�s just that you realize you are not meant to�go the�distance with everybody,� she says. �We were meant to�bring this amazing little person into the�world. And�I�think that�s why we came together. And�because of�that, we are going to�be together forever, all three of�us. We are a�family until we are not here anymore.�

�We have always been friends, we�re still friends, we love each other very much, and�we both share the�love of�our lives. And�we are both 100 percent committed to�being the�best parents we can be. And�while it was not a�love connection for�us, he was absolutely the�right person to�have this child with because she is going to�have an�amazing father. And�that was really important to�me. We�ll make sure we always do what is right for�her and�put her first. And�she will see as�she grows that we have a�lot of�love for�each other.�

Read more about Halle on�Vogue.com.

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