Women Try On 21,000 Items Of Clothing In A Lifetime, But Only Buy Half

Aug 12, 2010 By Amy

It’s no secret that women are serious shoppers, and this article from the Guardian UK dives into the extent that us girls love clothes. The fact that women try on 21,000 items of clothing over a lifetime is pretty staggering. “On average, women hit the shops four times a month and disappear into the changing rooms with ten tops, pairs of jeans, dresses or shoes on each trip. Sue Beck of Lambrini, which carried out the research, said: “For many women, trying on different clothes is often the best part of a shopping trip.” reports the Guardian UK.

While this research isn’t going to change the way we shop, it does give us something extra to think on our trip to the fitting room.

[article via Guardian UK]

[Image via Russh courtesy MyFDB]

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