Chanel, Essie & Nars Nail It!

Oct 13, 2010 By Vaneza

With Fall here we couldn’t be more excited to ditch the neon and pastel nails we’ve been rocking and easily transition into a more natural and basic color palette. Lately, we’ve noticed trend-setters rock nails in various shades or nude, grey, khaki and olive green. These perfect Fall colors, are mature and totally office appropriate as well as an interesting approach in redefining chic nails. That being said, we couldn’t be more in love with Chanel’s Fall collection, “Les Khakis de Chanel” which comes in three colors: Brun, Rose and Vert. Released earlier this season, sadly due to popular demand and the brand’s limited quantities, most of the collection is currently sold out.

However, thanks to Essie and Nars there is no reason to be sad about missing out on Chanel’s collection because their collection for this season are equally fun and awesome. Essie’s Fall collection (consisting of six shades) channels that of Chanel with neutrals and a few deeper shades.

Still feeling a little more adventurous? Peep Nars� limited edition vintage nail polish lacquers (five in total) all named after iconic movies from the nineties. We can’t help but love this new palette for Fall!

(First image via All Lacquered Up)

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