Oct 29, 2010

Elle Muliarchyk Photographs 10 Looks, 10 Fortunes

Model Elle Muliarchyk has turned her modeling talents into a second passion involving photography. Just recently she collaborated with designers Phillip Lim and Lane Crawford as well as The New York Times for a photography exhibit. Now, according to Modelinia, Muliarchyk has just finished another project for The New York Times Style Magazine titled “Designing Our Fortunes” in which model Meghan Collison underwent the transformation of ten different looks- from outfits, to makeup and wigs- each embodying a different woman in New York. The concept was one which was extremely creative and sought to test the boundaries of one’s personal appearance as well as psychic appreciation. With each look came a trip to a new physic in the city, the result? A different fortune each time. Peep the video below for more!

(All images and video via Modelinia)

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