Raquel, The Refined Rebel

Oct 30, 2010 By Mckenzie

Doesn’t it seem like the masquerade theme is everywhere lately? Yes, we think so too! This time around it’s Vouge British who is putting on the masque ball in their editorial, Refined Rebel. The girl behind the mask is the lovely Raquel Zimmermann. The wardrobe of this editorial is quite unique; Zimmermann wears anything ranging from bejeweled masks, texturized separates, slinky leg-defining silhouettes, statement accessories, and sky scraper heels.

Not only is the wardrobe unique, but so is the photography. The photographer, Nick Knight adds a twist to each shot of the editorial, this twist is a slight blur. Who likes perfectly clear shots anyways? These blurs seems to give the essence of movement, and that’s what fashion is all about!

The makeup artistry in this editorial is also phenomenal, artist Val Garland did an amazing job with it. Zimmerman’s eye makeup almost has a jester-like feel, very high fashion! Some great Halloween ideas stemmed from studying this editorial; see what we mean and peep the rest of it on MyFDB!

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