TOMTOM Jewelry is Architecturally Awesome! (Contest)

Oct 22, 2010 By Vaneza

It’s no secret that the MyFDB team has been huge TOMTOM fans for quite some time now. TOMTOM was launched by Elena Coleman late in 2009 and has become a favorite among modern fashionistas everywhere! Just recently we got the chance to ask Elena a few questions about the line, peep the interview below!

Have you always had an interest in jewelry making, or how did this come about?
I‘ve always had an interest in jewelry making. Back in high school – during an extended hippy phase – I was constantly making beaded/hemp jewelry.  I once even set up shop and sold necklaces on the Venice boardwalk! I sold out of everything in 20 minutes.  Had I been more entrepreneurial back then, I might have even turned it into a business.  But I was 15 and there were a lot more “important” things to be interested in at the time. [I have] one Bachelor’s degree in English, one Master’s degree in Architecture, and jobs in advertising, journalism & architecture later, I’m essentially back to where I was when I was 15; only a lot less hippy.

How does your background in architecture relate to your design process?
My background in architecture really informs my entire design process.  Architects have a very specific way of approaching design (an obsession with geometry, composition and symmetry), which is very much ingrained in my aesthetic. Most of the jewelry in my collection is designed 2 or 3 dimensionally on the computer using software I previously used to design architecture. I incorporate techniques such as 3D-printing and water/laser-jet cutting to create each piece.

Where did the name TOMTOM originate from?
TOMTOM is named after my 20 lb. cat, Tomato.

Name one piece of jewelry you can’t take off.

The “Lost Pyramid” posts from the Tribal Matters collection.

Are there any specific brands/labels or recently shown (runway) collection that compliment TOMTOM?
I love all of Vena Cava’s collections. The designers seem to share a similar obsession with geometry and triangles – and they’re both from California. I also really loved Joseph Altuzarra’s SS11 collection.  It was futuristic, tribal and very striking.

MyFDB + TOMTOM Contest!

And now for the even better news, MyFDB and TOMTOM are teaming up for an awesome contest! One winner will be made the owner of the awesome Tribal Matters ring

(valued at $155).

To Enter:

First, head to Twitter and follow MyFDB (@MyFDB) and TOMTOM Jewelry (@TOMTOMJewelry)

Then, tweet the phrase:

I’m entering the @MyFDB and @TOMTOMJewelry #contest

Official Rules: Readers can tweet the phrase as many times as possible. The contest is open to US residents only and winner must be following both MyFDB and TOMTOM. The winner will be selected at random and notified via direct message. This contest closes on Friday October 29th at 1:00 PM (PST). A huge thank you to Elena and TOMTOM for providing the prize. You can view more TOMTOM on their official site.

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