Uffie & Kanye West Feel Fashion

Oct 28, 2010 By Vaneza

Just recently, the MyFDB team told you about the rise of brands in fashion films. We couldn’t help but notice that the film industry is not the only avenue where fashion has become more than just a guest star.

Fashion and more specifically, this season’s “denim trend” is making its way into the musical arena in more ways than one. According to Refinery29, singer Uffie and the denim brand Diesel are partnering together in celebration of Uffie’s new album titled “Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans”. Beginning in November, a 12-piece collection of very “Uffie like” items including leather jackets, slim denim, and a leather jumpsuit is set to launch worldwide.

Uffie isn’t the only artist mixing fashion and music together. Kanye West‘ latest single “Christian Dior Denim Flow” shows his model appreciation. Within just a few lines of the song, West manages to list the names of over 20 models including Chanel Iman, Lara Stone and even newcomer Joan Smalls. We can’t help but love these new artistic collaborations and are hoping that more musical artists seek inspiration from the fashion world!

(Images via Refinery29)

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