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Oct 14, 2010 By Amy

The lovely,  Zoë Saldana has always been a long time supporter of MyFDB, so we were extra thrilled with the opportunity to dive into her fashion forward thoughts. The actress and model has shot to stardom with leading roles in films such as, Avatar and Star Trek. Not to mention, she was recently named the face of Calvin Klein’s Envy Underwear line and continues to grace magazine covers. We enjoyed getting to know Zoë and her killer fashion sense better.

Since you’re a red carpet regular, what are your favorite go-to designers?

For red carpet looks, I tend to go with more dramatic designers, Givenchy, Alaia, Christian Lacroix and Calvin Klein. These have been the designers that have caught my eye this year.

What has been your favorite red carpet outfit thus far?

I have to say the Givenchy dress I wore to the Oscar’s has been by far the most amazing dress I have worn.

What trends or fashion staples are you currently coveting?

I’ve been really into the leather jackets. My favorites are my leather L’Agence and a linen olive green Max Mara jacket.

Explain the process of how you became the face of Calvin Klein’s Envy Underwear line?

Calvin Klein has been such an all-American staple for me. I love what Francisco does every year with his clean lines. His designs allow the woman in you to shine through. I have been wearing his dresses a lot this year- so when they asked me to be the face of their underwear line I was very honored.

Out of all of the photo shoots you’ve done, which ones have been the most memorable and why?

They have all been memorable because they are all so different. Photographers are like designers, they have their own vision and approach to fashion.

Is there anyone you’d like to co-design a dress or a line with?

Prabal Gurung has been a very good friend for many years. I am in awe of the way he has carried himself and his designs recently. It would be amazing to collaborate with him.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?

My advice for them is to never lose their vision. Our personal interpretation of art is what defines us and distinguishes us from each other. I think we should always stay true to that.

Now let’s have some fun…QUICK, Word Association time! Tell us the first thing that pops into your head when you hear:

Beach Heavy sunscreen and big black “Jackie-O” sunglasses

Red Pumps…A “MUST” : )

Leopard Giambattista Valli Scarf

Dance Daily Supplement

Space Birthright necessity

Tea Soothing

Home Family and Art

And…That’s a wrap! A huge thank you to Zoë for taking the time to talk to MyFDB!

-Amy Gan

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