Erica Domesek is DIY Delightful! (P.S. – Contest)

Nov 22, 2010 By Amy

Looking for a new approach to gift giving? With the holidays literally right around the corner we wanted to catch up with our craftacular friend, Erica

Domesek for a little inspiration. Her book, P.S. – I Made This… will help give the gift of style at an affordable price. We even gave one of her DIY’s a try last week. So, whether you want to jazz up your own goods or gift others, her crafty concepts add a touch of uniqueness to everyday looks.

1. What has been your favorite DIY project so far?
I have to say I don’t have a favorite project because they’re all kind of like my children. Of course I love all the ones from my book and the ones on my site, but I don’t have a favorite, there are too many.

2. How do you decide on your DIY projects? What triggers you to create/alter something?
Well, the way I live my life is “I see it, I like, I make it”. I see things all over the place whether they be from fashion magazines…they could be from the runway, they could from nature. Sometimes I’m shopping in a hardware store and I see something that is bright and shiny and think that it should be incorporated or I can make something cool of that. I truly find inspiration all over the place from in stores to the storefronts. Sometimes a store window catches my eye.

3. In both your blog and your book, there are mood boards for each project, how is this an important step when crafting?
For me this the one of the most important because besides showing people what you are making, it’s really important for me to explain “why”. Because where this comes from- it’s all about inspiration. So for example, it might be making a camel cape but, it’s not copying a camel cape, it’s seeing camel everywhere, it’s seeing capes everywhere, it’s like looking at the actual camel itself – the animal. If you look closely, these collages are not just images and pictures, they are things that have truly inspired this project. In the book, you’ll see that each project we give contains a little history, there’s copy about why you are making this and where it was inspired from. For example if it’s about cocktail rings, you see the picture of Elizabeth Taylor with her cocktail ring but you also learn something – that cocktail rings became popular in the 1920′s during the Prohibition years. I think it’s about giving people an education and a little bit of a background bringing everything full circle.

Erica Domesek (photo: Ben Watts)

4. Why do you think it’s important for people to create items instead of purchasing them?
I think it’s okay to purchase things, I love going shopping. Who doesn’t love to shop? But, it’s like pick your purchases; invest in certain things because certain trends come and go. You don’t need to put money down on things you wear a couple [of] times. You realize ‘Hey I can make this’ and it’s less expensive, it’s fun to do by yourself or with your friends and it’s just gratifying when someone stops you and says ‘Hey I like your necklace’ and you can say

Thanks, P.S. I made this!


5. What advice do you have for those out there who say they’re not crafty and struggle with DIY ideas?
I totally can relate because I have so many friends who always say to me “I can’t make this” or “That’s hard“. There are a lot of people like that, but start with an easy project. Don’t attack something that’s crazy in the beginning, don’t do something that requires many tools. Secondly, do it with people, a group of friends or someone who is a little craftier. Take stuff and learn how to do it together. I started my blog from an extension of my craft club with my friends. It was real life and became an extension of my personal professional life. So if you’re not crafty, go to the site, look at a project, but make it your own. Use colors you like, the jeans you like. It’s like a cookbook in a sense, you know what sounds good to you, you know what you like, you have a taste for certain items. Follow the recipe but make it your own.


6. If you could collaborate DIY-style with one celebrity or designer, who would it be and why?

I can’t pick one designer because I have so many design crushes, it’s through the roof. But I don’t take fashion seriously. I am not on the street all about designers’ design highs and lows and I don’t take take things seriously. Like I love to laugh so I feel like it would be fun to do something with someone who makes me laugh. I am a huge Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig fan or Ellen Degeneres, people who are funny and fun to craft with. I could totally see blinging out a pair of sneakers with Ellen Degeneres.

7. Can you tell us three universal tools everyone should have to DIY?

Well if we’re just going to do three…A trusty pair of scissors and a glue gun, those are my two automatics. Probably a pair of pliers because pliers can serve as wire cutters and cut through chain.

8. What are some of your favorite fashion blogs/websites?

WhoWhatWear, Fashionista, Refinery29, Because I’m Addicted, Weheartit.com, Karen Walker, NotCot, John Jannuzzi [Textbook], Danny Roberts [Igor + Andre]

9. Please sum up your PS-I Made This brand in five words or less.

Well it might be more than five words: I see, I like it, I make it.

10. Lastly, what advice do you have for the aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?

Well first of all I have been working in fashion for ten years, so this really was an extension of my professional life mixed with my personal life. My advice is lay out what you don’t want to do and get passionate about things you love to do in your everyday life. Don’t look at it as a job, but get involved in the community. Volunteer and assist as many people as you can. I can’t tell you how many sets I have assisted on, how many shoots I did, how many fashion shows I’ve worked on. So many of these things were creative and cool and it just never ended; I got so much knowledge in so many different areas. Surround yourself with smart people that you look up to.  I remember going to [prop stylist] Janine Trott‘s site and seeing her stuff and just thinking ‘Wow that is somebody whose work I love’. Try to reach out to these people, be aggressive, and bold, put yourself out there for things you are passionate about. Immerse yourself.

A huge thank you to Erica Domesek for taking the time to talk to MyFDB about her crafty aspirations.

PS – We’re Having A Contest:

Are you craving more craft? Well, you’re in luck because we’re giving away three copies of Erica’s book, “P.S. – I Made This…” to our readers.

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling MyFDB about a memorable or humorous past crafting experience.


Contest is open to US residents only and will close on November 29 at 1:00 PM (PST). A winner will be notified via email and chosen based upon his or her response. For more information on Erica Domesek, visit her official site.

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  • https://www.southernbellesimple.com Kate (Southern Belle Simple)

    I tried to do a project last Thanksgiving where you turn a pumpkin into a turkey by sticking all these skewers with cheese cubes and grape tomatoes into it as feathers…..lets just say it did NOT work as planned! I heart erica SO much….would love to win a copy of the book!

  • https://rocksmystyle.wordpress.com Lorena Azizeh

    One of the most memorable moments of every craft I’ve ever done which involved a glue gun is burning my fingers with hot glue! Happens EVERY TIME it’s like a law of glue guns thing. I’d love to win a book :-)

  • Brandy

    I’m going to have to go with my most MEMORABLE crafting experience. To save on the cost of my wedding, I decided to make a lot of the things myself. I bought silk hydrangeas from a local craft store. I, myself, had never done any sort of floral arranging. However, I managed to create beautiful bouquets, corsages, flower girl pomanders, and even topiary centerpieces for my wedding. In addition, I put together all the wedding favors… cellophane bags filled with white candies. I printed off tags on coral colored vellum paper, punched holes in them, and tied them to the bags with ribbon. It was definitely a lot of work. I spent many a long night… my thumbs were blistered for weeks due to my incessant use of hot glue!! But, I wouldn’t trade those days for the world!! My wedding was beautiful and it was truly a reflection of me. I just recently celebrated my 5 year anniversary!! Thanks for sharing these memories with me…!!! I love all things DIY, and Erica’s book/website is awesome!!!

  • https://www.bettyjoy.blogspot.com Lucia

    My first crafty experience is probably my most memorable because its what got me inspired to craft in the first place. I was 7 years old and I made a plasticine man, he was pretty dreadful – he only had 1 and a half legs for starters! I decorated him with a cocktail umbrella and stuck my crafty masterpiece in my Mum’s shop with a sign saying ‘Plasticine Mam for sale only 20p’. I’d come down to the shop every day after school to see if it had sold, but sadly no-one wanted my deformed character, til one day I came back from school and Mum announced the plasticine man had been sold and from then on I couldnt stop making things – It was only years later that my mum told me she had ‘bought’ it because she felt sorry for me!

  • https://www.analoguechic.com Allie

    @Lorena, word to that! Every single time the glue gun comes out, I burn myself! lol

    One of my earliest and most memorable craft experiences was working on a patchwork quilt with my Grandma. She owned a fabric store at the time, so my mom dropped me off at the store during my summer vacation, and Grandma got me started on this pieced quilt. I was around 8 or 10 years old– I don’t think it was the first time I used an iron, but I burned my forearm pretty bad. I still remind myself, “watch out for the iron!” when I’m all excited about sewing or crafting, and think about that burn! And of course, I still have the quilt squares that I haven’t finished or put together yet… one of these days… :)
    Looking forward to PSIMT the book!

  • https://some-kind-of-style.blogspot.com/ Cam

    well, where to start…does a hair-craft experience count, too! haha …guess not! ;)

    but once I tried to craft a T-Shirt the “Rock-Girl” Style, kinda…and ripped, cut, and pined and pined..all over the edges… than I tried it on..at least wanted to …but before i even got my head through..you might know what happened already..the whole “construction” fell apart! shame on me! it was a sad, yet hilarious disaster! So for instead of making a special, stylish & trendy T-Shirt, I got made a pile of a white ripped T-Shirt!

    Blush..but things got better and I learned from my experience of not cutting off, too much material! :)

    Loved Loved to try out all the DIY Goodies from Erica!

    Fingers Crossed!



  • https://designsbyonye.etsy.com Onye

    One of my most memorable crafting experiences: my ‘Martini & Beads’ party. About 8 of my closest friends piled into my apartment. I mixed pomegranate & cranberry martinis (I also had cranberry juice & wine for those not wanting to partake in ‘spirits’). We snacked on water crackers with cheese spreads & gourmet cookies. All of us spent time stringing various necklaces and bracelets. My friend Sandra told stories of her trips to Africa. My friend Corrie brought jewelry for me to repair, all the while laughing that she should just junk it all and have me make her all new stuff. I constantly circled the room with tools, refreshing drinks, and offering guidance & crafting ideas. Traci rummaged through my stone collection and selected beads to string that matched her outfit. My best friend Leatrice arrived later, modeling a jewelry set that I’d sold her years ago, looking fresh off the runway. We commented on a movie playing on TV (Collateral, with Tom Cruise & Jaime Foxx). It was a fun & FABULOUS night.

  • https://www.fvncy.com Michelle Elaine

    so far i’d have to say my most memorable & humorous diy project to dater has been a shredded knit sweater – i was unraveling the knit when my mother walked in and commented on what a beautiful knit sweater i was holding (she hadn’t seen that i was ‘destroying’ it). she then proceeded to ask whose it was. i grinned and told her it was hers. she then lectured me on how i can’t go shopping out of her closet without requesting permission first. some of the best materials to diy just so happen to come from her closet.


  • https://itschristinaly.com Christina L

    My most memorable crafting experience has been pretty recent actually. I’m in an community service organization and we always make things for our “littles.” It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a little sis and I decided to once again after a few years. It’s one of those things where your main priority is to help guide them through the process of being a good role model. Except…well, I’m a huge spoiler and crafter. I love making pillows! I think they’re so fun and adorable. I never expected my pillow to turn out the way it did.

    Completely enormous and almost bigger than her to carry. I used hot glue gun and needles. Poked myself, probably bled a little…and I’m happy that she loves it.

    Here’s a picture! Far right :)



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