“Eye Candy For The Style Hungry”

Nov 13, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

I know what you are thinking- yet another street style being featured, aren’t there enough? Well yes, but not like this one. Although I love street style blogs like The Sartorialist and Jak & Jil, they seem so staged and unrealistic. This is why I like Yvan Rodic’s street style blog, Face Hunter, so much; it’s real! Rodic actually seems to capture real people in the midst of real things like grocery shopping, reading a good magazine, or walking to work. Everyone can relate to the people in his photos; it’s like a breath of fresh air, especially in the fashion world. Rodic has a great eye for stylish people. He sees and photographs the things that could easily go unseen like a slightly different layering technique, a discreetly sharp-shouldered blazer, or a color palette that just works. I’m not the only one who has noticed this unique, and quite stylish quality about Rodic. Other people have too, and they have published his work into a book. How would it be to have your very own book? Pretty surreal I’m guessing.

The idea of Rodic’s blog is best summed up by the statement on his blog, “A man out and about in London and beyond: eye candy for the style hungry.” Rodic does in fact get to travel around the world using his style sense to scour for amazing everyday street style. He has a career of traveling combined with fashion; I am supremely jealous.

If you need something to do with your time over the weekend, hop on over to Face Hunter. Maybe you’ll find a friend’s face, or better yet, you’ll find an outfit you can recreate.

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