Nov 15, 2010

Get “Swept Away” with Napoleon Perdis (Contest)

After our last contest, we thought we’d glam things up a bit! The artistic team at Napoleon Perdis has partnered with MyFDB to give away their new collection – Swept Away.  Retailing for over $200, the entire Swept Away line includes their amazing makeup brushes, a bronzing kit, the Ocean and Sand palettes, and the Siren lip gloss pack with 5 steamy shades to chose from. We love how Napoleon Perdis encompasses vibrant eye shades, glimmering glosses and shimmering bronzers that leave us wondering is it really Fall in Los Angeles? Inspired by the colors of the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, this winner will definitely have an amazing supply of makeup to take any look from simple to fabulous! Swept Away is the perfect gift for the holidays, although in all honesty, we’d like to keep it for ourselves! 

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling MyFDB where you wish you could be Swept Away to this holiday season.

Official Rules:

This contest is open to residents of the US only and ends November 22nd at 1:00 PM (PST). A winner will be chosen based on her response and notified via email. Thank you to Napoleon Perdis for providing the prize.

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38 Responses

  1. Mary Hall says:

    I’d love to be swept away to Melbourne, Australia. My friend there, raves about Napoleon Perdis makeup. Napoleon is one of Australia’s favorite sons.
    I’d love to enjoy his amazing makeup in the land down under.

  2. Debra P says:

    I wish that I could be swept away to Alonissos, a small island in Greece where many painters and writers go. I would be in bliss with the unbearably blue ocean, the whitewashed simple buldings, the light that is somehow brighter and perfect to paint by. I would enjoy the Mediterranean hospitality, the down to earth philosophy of life, the dancing, and the wonderful food and romance! :) This collection is so beautiful. Thank you for the chance.

  3. Lauren says:

    Sweep me off to Fiji with my new boyfriend! It would be the perfect holiday in a bungalow over the water. I’d have my BB logged onto MyFDB (Alissa’s fashion blog in particular) in one hand and a vodka soda (with lemon, not lime) in the other ;) Happy Holidays!

  4. AutumH says:

    AS much as I want to say somewhere warm and exotic my heart wouldn’t be fully into that answer (as desirable as it is though). I often think how wonderful it would be, especially around the holidays to be whisked away to where my family is living in Alaska. I don’t see them too often as we live very far apart and I miss being able to share those wonderful moments and good laughs I had with my family with my own children. So it goes without saying that I would love to be swept away to the colder climes and polar bear loving,eskimo kissing state of Alaska. :)

  5. Margaret says:

    I’d love to get swept away back to a time when I was younger and more energetic, but as that’s not a possibility this Swept Away collection could possibly help that dream come partially true

  6. Tennekka says:

    First off, I’m drooling over this palette … but I don’t care where the destination is, I just want to be swept away with my 3 favorite boys right beside me – my twin munchkins and their daddy of course! Looking fab in some new makeup wouldn’t hurt either, especially when I could keep my simple looks for family days and my fab looks for mommy and daddy nights – bow chica wow wow!

  7. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Margaret Armitage and Ami G., My Fashion Database. My Fashion Database said: New #contest…get "swept away" with @napoleonperdis's latest collection! https://ow.ly/3af6I #giveaway [...]

  8. suicidemartini says:

    Wish I could spend the holidays in Spain this year, my grandfather is from there originally and I’ve been dying to go there for the first time…and the makeup would be for my girlfriend, who I would be sweeping along with me to Espana

  9. Margery Jones says:

    This Fall I would love to be swept away to a Spa Break for myself in the Arizona desert near Tuscon. I would love to be pampered and primped while I relax and enjoy reading something I have longed to get into for quite some time while I soak, sun, am massaged, and given facials, and pedicures, and manicures a makeover. I want to be Swept Away for some me time. I take care of my mother and my son and the house and just don’t have any me time. Sweep Me Away Please! And Thanks Very Much for the Opportunity.

  10. Crissy Durst says:

    I wish I could be swept away to Beaches to get away from this cold, wet Pittsburgh weather. The kids, hubby and I could use a break, and what better a place to do it than some place warm.

  11. Smokvica says:

    It would be a perfect B-day gift (01/29) to be swept away to Morocco! And it looks like the collor pallete would work great for the Maroccan nights :)

  12. susan smoaks says:

    i want to be swept away to costa rica with my husband!

  13. Jennifer R says:

    Seeing as I am not the world’s biggest winter lover, I would die to be swept away to Bora Bora…just me, my husband, a light wardrobe, my Kindle and a glass of champs! I mean, if a girl is gonna dream, dream big…right?

  14. Stephanie P says:

    I wish I could be swept away to Hawaii! I would love to go there and not worry about anything :)

  15. Julie L. says:

    I’d love to be swept away to San Diego, CA. Not the most exotic location….but it’s where my dad is and I have not seen him in 8 years. :(

  16. Susan C. says:

    I’d love to be swept away to Tahiti…so I could forget about everything and relax!

  17. Amber says:

    Oooh gorgeous colors, I would seriously be so excited to win this. I’d love to be swept away to a romantic little nook in Paris, munching on french macaroons and browsing museums, or maybe some yummy pasta and wine during a nice little trip to Italy ;) Thanks!

  18. Aimee A says:

    Please sweep me away to Puerto Rico….I went once on a cruise and it rained the entire time. I need beautiful sandy beaches and that stunning rain forest. I need a pina colada stat….

  19. sk says:

    I’d love to be swept away to Seoul, South Korea! The city inspires me so much and I’d love to go shopping there this winter :)

  20. Kammi says:

    Aloha! I wish I would be swept away in NYC during the holidays. I would love to go back and visit there. It’s awesome there!

  21. Cole says:

    Being a college student is hard work.

    Shouldn’t that be reason enough. I’m in my last year and the real world keeps teasing me with all its wonders (yes, including taxes and gray hair). I’m a few exams away from my diploma which also means I’m a few coffee’s away from a stress overload.

    This holiday, I’m praying to be swept away from it all.

  22. Kadi says:

    Home, in ESTONIA pls. :)

  23. sunchicka says:

    I could spring for Hawaii somewhere warm to get away from the cold.

  24. Danyell says:

    I would love to put on a sexy bathing suit, with my made for Texas weather clothes overtop. Grab my Mr. Goodbar ( husband) throw very little in the bag and escape to Bora Bora for the holidays! Sure, I’ll leave Santa some coconut milk and cookies outside of our hut.

  25. april m says:

    Would love to be swept away to Fiji!

  26. Melissa says:

    i’d love to be swept away to london this holiday season.
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. Tiffany says:

    Marrakesh all the way! Get inspired by some of the most beautiful colors and architecture in the world (in my opinion). Come home with a fresh perspective and get back to designing!

  28. Catalina K says:

    I wish I could be swept away to Vienna, Austria, this holiday season. The city’s Christmas decorations and atmosphere are devine, not to mention about the famous New Year’s concert! Thank you.

  29. stacy thrun says:

    I would love to be swept away somewhere where it never rains and the sun is always shining! People are friendly and children are singing. There is no hatred- just love and friendship and peace!

  30. Melissa Lawrence says:

    What a wonderful review! Those vibriant colors makes me want to be swept off to Tahiti!

  31. tiffany Joe says:

    I would love to be swept away to an island where it is quiet and calm. Away from the stress and the business of everyday society. I remember reading a book about how we are constantly busy that we take our lives for granted and not appreciate the world around us. It would be nice to see the actual beauty of the world when I am in nature.

  32. Amy says:

    I would like to be swept away to the Caribbean and sip mai tai with my girl friends while taking in the blue blue water and clear skies.

  33. Lisa Carr says:

    I’d love to be swept away to a tropical island, I don’t care which one. Anything to make me forget about the stresses at home & let me relax.

  34. Jeccica Simpson says:

    I would love to be swept away to Paris, France!! My favorite place in the whole world, and yet to go, hopefully some day!!!

    Thanks for a chance
    Jeccica Simpson

  35. Marsha Jones says:

    I would love to be swept away to The Venetian at Las Vegas! I was there years ago and enjoyed it so much.

  36. Richard Peterson says:

    I’d Love to be swept away to Napa Valley!

  37. hminnesota says:

    I wish to be swept away to my sister in India. It has been 5 yrs since I saw her.

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