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Nov 15, 2010 By Amy

As if Google didn’t already have enough on their plate, the internet powerhouse is now going after the fashion houses. Google plans to change the way we shop online with the launch of a new fashion website this Wednesday. The site will allow users to virtually create their own store and fill it with brands they love for the ultimate experience in online browsing. However, users will not make purchases through the virtual storefronts, but in turn be directed to a specific item on an online retailer’s site (think Saks, Nordstrom, etc.) where they can purchase their selection.

As reported by WWD, the new site “is part of a bigger trend toward new retail formats that the Internet and social media have made possible. At its most basic level, the new fashion site will function much like Google Search or Google Shopping under the covers, but the part visitors will see will look like high-end, personalized luxury boutiques — an environment and approach to search and shopping that is more

appropriate, efficient and appealing to fashion lovers and designer brands than Google’s existing options.”

Google has already tapped style icon Sarah Jessica Parker to create her own virtual boutique. As well, the search site has also invited Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch, Cynthia Rowley, Marchesa, Isaac Mizrahi, Tracy Reese and Erin Fetherston to create virtual stores for customers to browse.

Many fashion outlets are hailing that the Google powered site will change the way we shop online, err maybe they’re just excited for the website’s launch party? Whatever the case, since Google’s marriage to fashion is primarily big brand powered, shoppers miss the opportunity to discover new indie brands and must stick to the ones they know when creating virtual storefronts. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how the Google site works when it debuts this Wednesday to gauge its impact.

(article via WWD, img source)

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