Nov 24, 2010

Laurie Brucker “B” Stylin’ Los Angeles!

What happens when you mix a stylish image consultant with Los Angeles? Along with sweet street style, you end up with Laurie Brucker, also known as Laurie B. Style. This girl is everywhere in the local Los Angeles fashion scene, from red carpet interviews to dressing rising stars. MyFDB took the opportunity to catch up with Laurie and dish about her fashion background and her styling secrets.

What are you currently working on? Any exciting projects, clients, or collaborations you have coming up?
Actually a lot has happened in the past couple months, so I’m very excited with all the new ventures about to start. 2011 is going to be a huge year for me. Having only started my business as a self employed Image Consultant, Stylist, Writer and Fashion Personality just a year and a half ago, it’s been a journey and culminating with some amazing projects ahead. While still working one on one with my regular clients, I am in the works of developing my own style series for the web. I am in the pilot stage currently. One has been already filmed, and a couple more in the works, so I’ll be very excited to reveal that once it’s all a go. Plus, I was just booked as key costumer for my first full feature film. Filming starts Spring 2011 and I couldn’t be more excited to take on this project. Plus my favorite cherry on top is that one of my music clients, Sonnet (pictured below left), releases her EP in 2011 and it’s sure to be a pop culture hit. I’m working on her new album branding as we speak. Again, 2011 = big year!

How did get your start in fashion? What led you to go down the styling route?
When I left for college, I had aspirations of being a famous actress in order to prove wrong the theater teacher who didn’t cast me as Maria in Westside Story. So off to college I went, only to discover that I am a horrible actress! I’ve got great stage presence, but ask me to play a character in Angels in America? A big flop. So I kind of fell into fashion by default and what it did was awaken this wildly creative side of me I never knew I had. So after college I moved to New York City and started working in the design world. I spent seven years in New York designing and making my way to be Senior Designer of three private label collections. But surprisingly I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t inspired. I love helping people, not sitting behind a desk. So I went back to school at FIT and got a degree in Image Consulting. At 28, I finally discovered my calling. So I graduated, quit my job, left my life, packed my bags and headed home to Los Angeles. Today I’m living a dream. I get to help people find themselves and find that inner confidence they never knew they had, all from the magic of styling! It couldn’t be more rewarding and I love that I’m only just beginning a long career of impacting people and inspiring the world. Destiny truly set it’s course.

Do you have a certain aesthetic when it comes to styling?
I guess you could call me the queen of mix and match. My styling talents really get showcased when I can take somebody’s closet that they are bored with and re-mix and match in wild & creative ways so that it’s like a whole new wardrobe again! It’s all in how you put it all together. It’s amazing what you can do with layers, colors, patterns, belts, tights, scarves and accessories. Plus with layering being a concept I’m always working with, I’m totally guilty as an accessory stacker. The more the merrier, I say! But of course it all has to relate. Sometimes the biggest clashing messes turn into fashion brilliance!

What are a few styling rules you always stick to?
1) When in doubt, belt it out. Plain, simple, & effective!
2) It doesn’t matter what brand it is, it’s how you wear it.
3) Accessories are key to elevating your look. Invest in good quality shoes and handbags. This is where women look and judge first.
4) Be open and just try it out. Not every combination works but you’d never know unless you just try and see. The best ideas come from creative garment experimentation.

Please name a few of your favorite fashion designers.
In fashion what draws my eyes are color, pattern texture, and detail. I love amazing and unexpected color combinations. I love a vintage aesthetic. I love bohemianism. I love quiet sex appeal, I love loud sex appeal and I love, love, love femininity. Put that all together and you have my favorite designers: Chris Benz, Matthew Williamson, Anna Sui, Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci, Zac Posen, Suno, and Catherine Malandrino. Plus, have you seen Chris Benz shoes from his Spring 2011 collection. I almost fell to the floor gasping. He’s definitely numero uno in my book.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
1) Truth be told: It’s a tough industry and I never understood that warning until I was knee deep in the hardest work years of my life. But in the long run, they were the most rewarding experiences of my life because they brought me to where I am today. All in all it’s worth it.
2) Don’t EVER stop. Don’t give up. Follow what inspires you, no matter how challenging it is. If you can hack it, handle it and take it all on, you will end up on top no matter what fashion direction you are going on.
3) Do everything with a smile and a great attitude. You have no idea what that says to your superiors. And considering many fashion hopefuls today do not have that demeanor, you’ll watch as you pass them by in success.
4) Get everything in writing – trust me….
5) Ending on a good note: Be inspired. Be creative. Try new things. Try things you’d never thought you’d do or like. There are amazing ways to display your passions and talents out there and being original and creative will always be eye catching.

Such great advice! A huge “Thank You!” to Laurie Brucker for speaking with MyFDB. We look forward to following your career and for another dose of Laurie B. Style, visit her official site and follow her on Twitter @LaurieBStyle.

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