NYC’s Fashion Industry Gets A Pick-Me-Up

Nov 2, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

We all have heard about the fashion industry and garment district rallies that have taken place in NYC. Well guess what? They worked! According to WWD, the Bloomberg administration is set to launch a six-initiative plan to boost New York City’s fashion industry! Thank goodness, because the New York City’s fashion industry is worth roughly $55 billion dollars and accounts for 165,000 jobs. The six initiatives of the plan are as follows:

Initiative One – NYC Fashion Fund and Institute. A program that aids in the education of new fashion hopefuls showing them every possible aspect of the industry.

Initiative Two- Project Pop-Up. Yes, this project is just what it sounds like, a pop-up shop. But in order to earn such an opportunity, fashion hopefuls will have to receive guidance alongside a little competition.

Initiative Three- New York City Fashion Draft. WWD states this will be “a weeklong event that will familiarize them with business-related career choices and interview opportunities. Students will also have the chance to win a full-time management-track post at one of the participating companies.”

Initiative Four- Fashion Campus NYC. This is program is just what it sounds like as well, a “fashion university” that will have seminars and classes focused on surviving the big city.

Initiative Five- New York City Fashion Fellows. A recognition of 30 up-and-coming fashion industry fellows who will receive industry-based counseling.

Initiative Six- Designer as Entrepreneur. A “fashion bootcamp” involving anything and everything that has to do with finances and investments.

Seth Pinsky the president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation revealed some great information to WWD while discussing the garment district:

“New York City continues to attract very creative people on the design front…Our theory is that in order for these people to succeed, they need to be good business managers. There is a concern that the business side of the fashion business has gotten less attention in the past.”

The plan sure sounds good to us, and we are so excited for the New York City Garment District. This six-initiative plan is well deserved and definitely necessary. More about the plan to come!

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