Say Goodbye to Hermione Granger, and Hello to Ms. Watson!

Nov 19, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

Who knew Emma Watson lived in such a limited little bubble? Watson exposes the strict rules she had to followthroughout filming the Harry Potter film seriesin the latest Vogue British! She also reveals her fantastic new haircut! I can’t help but love Watson’s new ‘do, it’s so chic! Not many people can pull off such a dramatic hairdo, but Watson flawlessly manages. In fact, I think Watson’s newlookreflects the infamous Twiggy. Some may say she’s “trying,” but in all honesty, Watson isn’t actually aiming to look like anybody but herself. For nine years Watsonwasn’t allowed to do “normal” things, likecuther hair, tan, or pierceher ears, due to the fact that she was under contract for the Harry Potter series. Now that the films are finished, Watson can do all of these things, hence her haircut. You could say she’s defining herself and coming into her own through her new hair.

The editorial is appropriately titled, Mega Watson after Watson’s mega-stardom and success in every aspect of her life. Not only is Watson a movie star and fashion icon (most notably, the face of Burberry), she’s also a devoted student at Brown University. This makes her quite the commendable and humbleyoung woman. Even though she could very well lead a comfortable life without an education, she choose to get one – very commendable indeed.

The photography within this editorial is magnificent. Iespecially enjoy the lighting, hints of rosy-red mixed in with the highly exposed black and whites. Watson’s awe-striking natural beauty is the true star of the editorial. You better catch the Harry Potter fever and go see Ms. Watson and the whole Hogwarts gang in their new movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part1 which was released today!

To see the rest of Watson’s Vogue British editorial, head on over to MyFDB!

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