Nov 16, 2010

Spirit Hoods: Making Young People Look Stupid

Okay, so I get that the whole Where the Wild Things Are trend was cool…but in like 2009. Everyone was all about fur, the wilderness, and coming to terms with their inner animal. But, come on! Since then, trends have moved into another direction.  Yes, we’re still lusting over animals, but in print form – can we say “hello!” to leopard making a huuuge comeback this season?

All this animal talk brings me to an important issue at hand…Can someone please explain the inspirational slash embarrassing concept behind “Spirit Hoods”? Thanks to this creation, fashion has now taken one small step for nature and one giant leap for ugly.

Not that style needs to have a practical aspect to it; but seriously, who came up with the idea of leaving your house with a stuffed animal atop your head with paws dangling down your sides? Not everyone wants to go to style extremes like Lady Gaga or amateur hour Ke$ha. Besides, there’s only one of each of them in this world for a reason. Apparently if you’re a female Sprit Hoods will cause you to show off your assets, while simultaneously giving you the urge to snarl like an animal. This makes me feel ashamed for the entire animal kingdom.

Just look at these overgrown man babies. Seriously, I can imagine the horrendous pick-up lines now…”Hey girl, I’d like to get my paws on you!” or “Feeling cold? Hop into my Spirit Hood!” Um…no thanks, I’m allergic to faux fur covered losers.

What’s even more astonishing is that these furry critters aren’t cheap; they retail for anywhere between $60 and $130. Yikes! Now I’m thinking, maybe a Maxine Dillon bag is the better bang for the buck? Look all I am saying is if you want…err…rather desire to leave your house looking like part “spirited” animal and part human, do not by any means expect me to take you seriously. I get this is a playful gimmick…but how long until it becomes annoying? Oh wait…Now!

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