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Nov 10, 2010 By Vaneza

It no secret that MyFDB loves Teen Vogue, so it comes as no surprise when we excitedly headed over to the sunny University of Southern of California on Monday to attend the Clinique‘s Fresh Faces Tour in association with Teen Vogue. The event, which included makeovers by the Clinique team, also offered students fashion advice from a very talented panel of guests. Among them was the fashionably fun and inspiring Beauty & Health Director of Teen Vogue, Eva Chen. She sat with MyFDB and humbly offered some awesome advice for fashion hopefuls. Peep the interview below for her amazing words of wisdom!

How did you become involved with the Clinique Fresh Faces tour?
This has been the second year we’ve done the tour where Clinique and Teen Vogue partner up. Clinique obviously brings this amazing experience of getting your hair and makeup done and your photo taken where Teen Vogue brings the fun crowd! We have so many loyal and faithful readers and they come to meet us and have this great experience. I got in involved because I am the Beauty Director at Teen Vogue and they wanted someone to meet the girls, which I have such a great time doing. Additionally, USC is super fun because a) it’s sunshiney and delicious out and b) I’ve seen a lot of girls who are

interested in fashion and beauty who are all really tuned into what’s going on in the fashion world.

What is the overall goal or message behind the Fresh Faces tour?
The overall message is to just have a fun experience! We want to give people a good time…We’re not actually selling products or the magazine, we’re giving them away. When I was in college, we didn’t have anything like this…It’s basically beauty plus fashion plus career advice, so it’s the best of every world.

Since you been with Teen Vogue for over 5 years, how have social media and blogging influenced your role as an editor?

Basically my job has evolved, it hasn’t changed as much as it has evolved. When I started in the industry, I started as an intern at Harper’s Bazaar [when] “dot coms” had just started up. Then when I worked at Lucky [and] e-commerce was just starting to get really big. When I started at Teen Vogue, I was the first beauty editor at Conde Nast to do a beauty blog. I remember it was in 2003, and people asked why I was doing it…I thought we had so much extra content that we couldn’t put in the magazine and so Teen Vogue’s beauty blog basically became a bottomless pit of information. We can always put up more tips, ideas, quotes from hairstylists and makeup artists, and even more event announcements that we can’t put in the magazine. So in addition to being a writer, I am an editor and in addition to editing, I am also assigning pieces and in addition to assigning, I am also editing the blog and tweeting. There are just so many different layers that the old school way of being a magazine editor was just editing or writing; now you have to be able to do everything. That’s one great thing about the younger generations – they don’t have to learn it. You basically grew up with Facebook and you’ve been tweeting and you get it and that’s a huge job advantage. There are so many girls who want to study PR and I’ll ask them if they are on Twitter. I’ve become that person that yells at people saying ‘You gotta get on Twitter!’ (Twitter) has become a great way to learn about brands and trends before they happen.

What are some of your favorite runway beauty trends from this past NYFW?
As you can tell by my nails I am obsessed with orange right now! For Spring/Summer, orangey-red lipstick is going to be perfect. We saw it at

Marc by Marc Jacobs and a lot of the younger cuter shows like Jil Stuart and Cynthia Rowley. It’s just a happy optimistic look and I think if you do an orangey-red lip and a super defined eye – not smoky, but almost bare – it’s a really cute look. Also sleekness, a lot of brands such as Prabal Gurung have become clean and almost architectural. Slicked back hair, very clean and simple…The thing with beauty is that it’s so personal, if you find something that works for you, work it! There aren’t really rules in beauty as much as there are in fashion. Beauty trends are more about what looks good on you right now; it’s very personal. An event like this is really great because you’re helping people find what’s right for them.

Please name a few of your go-to Clinique products.
Umm yeah! Clinique was one of my first beauty experiences and I think it’s like that for a lot of young women. My mom took me to the counter at Bloomingdale’s and we did that little sliding thing where I got my skin typed. I love their Dramatically Different Moisturizer, their mascara – Naturally Glossy – which is really good at giving you naturally plush lashes, and All About The Eyes Serum which is basically an eye cream in a roller ball. I keep it in the fridge and use it when I am really tired. It wakes you up because the metal ball retains the coldness and totally de-puffs your eyes, it’s great for travel.

MyFDB is an LA-based fashion company, that being said, do you think people can break into the fashion industry on the west coast even though New York is a fashion mecca?

It’s undeniable that the fashion industry and their headquarters is New York. All the designers are there. Marc Jacobs is there. Vogue is there. Teen Vogue is there…pretty much everyone is there. I think it’s definitely a possibility for LA [and other major cities] because you guys are growing in terms of the fashion world and credibility. You have your own fashion week and you have Smashbox Studios which is awesome. My advice is to keep at it and keep trying to promote LA fashion from within. For MyFDB, which is such an amazing resource, keep working at it. LA is a new young fashion city. It’s growing in credibility so as long as you keep working at it, it will keep growing. It doesn’t hurt to visit New York once in a while [because] such a big part of the fashion and magazine industry and blogging is making relationships on both coasts. You want to be able to go to New York and meet with various fashion while making friends with all the different people in the same industry as you. It’s about developing relationships in your industry, almost like a cross-pollination. New York is established; we get that. All the emerging cites should band up and try to develop a union and a network to help each other. That is what New York had going for it; New York was an underdog at one point too where it was Paris, Milan and London. Then all the designers kind of grew up together…the Donna‘s and the Diane‘s and the Marc‘s of the world all blossomed together. One should try and foster that here and try to create networking events as well.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
Intern! Intern, intern, intern! I get so many people who come to interview and love fashion but then I look at their resume and it’s like there’s nothing on their resume, not even retail. [Even] working in retail is a great thing because you learn about what people like, what looks good on people and you also learn to work with other people which is so important. Having a thick skin is important because alot of the time, when you are applying for jobs in the magazine industry people apply to ten jobs and you only hear back from two. When I started in the industry, that was so discouraging. It’s important to remember to be persistent and also not to take things personally, because for every ten resumes you send out, keep in mind only two to three people might write back. You want to develop relationships with those two to three

people so that they blossom into job potential or they point you on the right path to meet the right person who could offer you a job. Be professional. A lot of people will show up to an interview wearing Uggs and leggings and you just can’t do that. Dress for the job you want and remember that you want to project the most professional and positive image of yourself. At the end of the day when someone hires you they are spending forty to fifty hours a week with you, so you want to be the most positive and professional you can be.

We must admit, meeting Eva was beyond exciting! We hope that after you read the interview you were just as inspired as us to keep doing what you love! Thanks once again to Teen Vogue, Clinique and Eva Chen!

You can follow Eva’s beauty adventures on Twitter: @evachen212.

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