The Victoria’s Secret Model Parade is TONIGHT!

Nov 30, 2010 By Alissa

It’s that time of year again, when angels come down and spread their graces and laces. Nooo, I’m not talking about the holidays…I’m referring to the magic of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Where else can you find themed lingerie, wide wingspans AND Akon and Katy Perry? You won’t have to fight with your significant other over the remote to watch this runway spectacle; I’m pretty sure they’ll eagerly tune in. Hey…we all love to watch bombshell models gallivant down an extremely long runway in wild lingerie. Besides, it’s practically a family affair with Victoria’s Secret’s youthful PINK collection.

Highlights this year include Anja Rubik in a studded bra and panty set…she’s definitely untouchable with those spikes on. There’s Chanel Iman rocking a skin tight, sheer baseball outfit…which is (obviously) practical for at home or the field. Meanwhile, guys will be left going koo-koo as Karolina Kurkova attempts to take flight in her massive peacock wings. This are just a FEW of the looks from the whopping 33 girls in the Victoria’s Secret parade…err…show.

You can catch another sneak peak of the winged madness on our blog. Set your alarm now, so you don’t miss the show in its entirety tonight on CBS. Plus, come back to the MyFDBlog tomorrow because there will be an explosive bombshell giveaway.

[Images via Fashionologie]

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