Baptiste Giabiconi Dances In The Desert

Dec 9, 2010 By Amy

What’s the best way for a millionaire model to step out of his Karl Lagerfeld-ian shadow? A music career of course! Duh! This is exactly what model muse, Baptiste Giabiconi has done with the release of his club-dance-trance-pseudo-English pop song, SHOWTIME! The track hit the airwaves a few months ago, but you get the see the true passion behind his lyrics with today’s debut of the music video! And…WOW!…what a video it is! I never expected a trashy motel, a poor-man’s Matthew McConaughey, an exploding car and a desert chase scene! Not following? Let me give the run down on all this model-turned-singer-turned-actor action!

We enter in on Baptiste gliding down a desert highway in his stylish denim duds. He’s not out of gas…but stops at gas station…uhm why? Oh, right…here enters a pretty girl whom he locks eyes with as she approaches his bike. They have a moment- complete with an intense gaze- but are interrupted when her townie boyfriend (a poor man’s Matthew McConaughey) comes out and grabs her away. He sternly tells Baptiste, “Home is calling you boy….better get there while you still can!” and then walks away into the gas station (where he…lives?). The irony is that home actually IS calling Baptiste….What the heck is he doing alone in the middle of the desert? Go back to your money, sports cars, and Lagerfeld’s not-so-humble abode! The boonies are no place for designer denim, silver jewelry, and manicured manbrows!

Back to the video…this townie confrontation enrages Baptiste who gets a crazy look in his eyes, and then…..DANCES! He’s so angry that the desert starts to explode around him. Given he’s upset by this hillbilly…Baptiste heads to the local diner to drown his sorrows (in pancakes with syrup perhaps?), when the girl of his dreams...from a few minutes ago…storms in! She’s emotionally distraught as she was just punched in the face by that sleazy guy of hers. Baptiste is of course in love. He likes the drama; besides maybe the whole damsel in distress thing makes him feel like more of a MAN (and less of a model)?

They race out of the diner together (no to-go box?), when they’re confronted by the townie and his ghetto posse whose car (magically?) blows up. Perfect timing for Baptise and his lady friend to slip away….to a sleazy motel. You can guess what happens next….more dancing in the desert! Mind out of the gutter!

But wait, this isn’t a happy ending  just yet, townie and his posse head to the same motel in hopes of getting his woman back. However, they missed the new love birds by mere seconds as they’re flying away on Baptiste’s motorcycle. We think the story is over, but…oh no…the video concludes with “To be continued”…This only means one thing….more Baptiste dancing…in a sequel!

I’m thinking I am going to have to pass on Part 2 of a Showtime sequel…I mean seriously WHO DID THIS VIDEO? There won’t be a VMA for Baptiste anytime soon! More importantly, why didn’t Baptiste go to LAGERFELD when it came time to making a music video?!? Um….I get he wanted to something on his own, but seriously this is embarrassing on so many levels.

What are your thoughts on this disaster?

For the full Baptiste experience (or if you’d like to torture yourself), watch the full video below:

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