Be Stupid And Win A Diesel Watch

Dec 6, 2010 By Amy

Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls. You can interpret that phrase from Diesel‘s infamous “Be Stupid” ad campaign however you feel best. We like the eye-shot ads which are full of thought provoking images and catchy “stupid” phrases including, “Only stupid can be truly brilliant” or “Smart had one good idea and that idea was stupid.”

If Diesel teaches us anything from the ads, it’s that you don’t really have to be stupid to be stylish. But, if you want a little extra push MyFDB is giving away a Diesel men’s watch just in time for the holiday season!

The analog watch features a black polyurethane strap and round stainless steel case, a black dial with white stick indices, and a

bold date window. It’s water resistant to 50 meters, plus it comes with a two-year limited warranty, and retails for $140.

To Enter

Leave a comment telling MyFDB about a “Stupid” moment in your life (the funnier the better).

Official Rules

This contest is open to US residents only and a winner will be chosen based on his or her response. The contest closes Friday December 17th at noon (PST). The winner will be notified via email. Thank you to Diesel for providing the prize, and for more information on the brand visit their official site.

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  • Jodi Kozloff

    My stupid moment? Accidentally knocking off an old mans toupee at a function..funny now..then?..not so much.

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  • Brandi S.

    It was years ago but still the stupidest thing I’ve every done… My 2 sisters and I and a friend were in one line holding hands, walking down an old road in the Poconos when we decided to play a game. Who ever was at the end of the line, had to pick up a rock, and toss it in the air, and we all had to move left or right hoping it didnt hit us. We did this a few time and luckily we moved to the right side everytime. It was my turn, so I decided to grab the biggest rock I could grab with one hand (it was shaped like an ice cream cone) and tossed it up in the air, and it landed on my head. I had 10 stitches put in and they had to pull rock fragments out. Needless to say, we never played this game again. But we do laugh about it all the time!

  • Michael Champagne

    I was pretty stupid when I was invited to an asian friend of mine’s wedding … I walked into the wrong function room with my date and saw poster of the newly weds. I comment “oh my god! Helen looks AMAZING!!! I proceed to sign this huge banner for the family of all the guests and go to the bar to get a drink, only to find out that wasn’t Helen that looked amazing but a complete strangers who’s wedding I accidentally crashed … Whoopsie!!!


    Was doing some work on a friends roof at a place he had just moved into. I saw this gorgeous girl walking by so I figure that I’ll show off by jumping onto the moving van to make my way down to talk to her. It was probably the worst uhaul truck ever, I landed on the roof and one of my legs went through all the way to my ass, I tore my scrotum and had to be rushed to the hospital where all my friends met me. Including my friends new girlfriend who was the girl I was jumping down to talk to….. Awesome.

  • https://n/a Justin Pittman

    An ex-girlfriend of mine & I spent the night drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels on the streets in San Francisco. Walking our drunk asses home, I thought a piggy back ride would be the manly move. You know, show her friends how strong I am. How I could support my lady…support her weight. No, I’m being a dick, she didn’t weigh much. Point is, San Francisco is hilly city. In the midst of strolling down one of these 20% grade monsters, I caught a crack in the pavement. Her entire body fell straight on back of my neck & head, which were also the first two things to hit the ground. I think my face slid across 14 inches of concrete. I turned around and exclaimed, “FUCK. FUCK! Am I bleeding?” and with terror in her eyes she stammered, “You..you’re..bleeding EVERYWHERE.”

  • Patrick

    One of my many all time stupidest moments was when I was at work. BTW, I am a UPS Driver in the who works in the downtown area of a CONSERVATIVE city. Another co-worker and I were always playing jokes on each other and this one particular day, he played a great joke on me. During the day, I received lots of attention from people on the street as I drove on my route… I received stares, rude looks, waves, thumbs up/down, whistling from many people. I had even had a man tell me he loved me during my lunch hour. I finished my route, returned to headquarters to finish my day. Upon arriving, my boss approached me and asked why I had a very large 8X10 sticker on my truck side door which read “Sorry Girls, this UPS man is GAY”

  • https://www.agentnerdy.com Melissa

    I still blush from head to toe when I think about this, but my friends and I use to have tickle fights –where we’d sneak up behind the other person when they least expect it and the tickle the heck out of them.

    During a random outing, our tickle fight was in full force and I thought I had the upper hand and sneaked up on my friend and gave him a full on tickle…. then he turns around and.. lo and behold its not him!

    I.. practically physically harrassed a COMPLETE STRANGER. I bet HE was scared… ugh I was mortified. I turned ten shades of red, apologized profusely and slumped away.

    No more tickle fights for me thank you very much. haha.

  • Jon

    Stupid? Dropping change into a homeless man’s coffee cup…only to find out the man was not homeless, and the cup contained his actual coffee.

  • reva skie

    I used the mens room at a restaurant once. I sauntered right in, hit the stall, did my business. Came out of the stall, while I was washing my hands, I looked in the mirror and noticed urinals reflected over my shoulder. How I managed to walk right past a row of urinals and not even notice is beyond me. I guess I was single minded in my mission.

  • elvira

    Ok so I had a few drinks b4 seeing a george lopez concert in vegas and was returning to my seat after visiting the ladies room. I couldn’t find my seat or my friends! I was like where the heck did they go? So I sat down on a step in the aisle and called the hubby back home & told him I had lost my friends! Little did I know that was in the wrong section & my friends were watching me the whole time from the balcony above!!!!

  • Lunachique

    My stupid moment was coming face to face with hockey player Chris Pronger and calling him by his brother Sean’s name.

  • Ish

    I had a stupid moment in mind but another one just popped into my head that is not as funny but is the stupidest. One day during the civil war in Sierra Leone (my home then), I spent the entire day sitting on a table next to the huge glass windows wearing a neon orange shirt writing a story while there were people shooting outside in the streets. I just realized months ago that it was that same window that had been shot a day prior to my writing session because someone thought he saw someone peeking through it.

  • Jeremy C

    True story… may or may not have been me. The place: a two-story dwelling for students in Madagascar.There was no electricity, so when this stomach rumbled, there was no way to find the exit to visit the weeds. What did everyone else do? They stuck their butt out the window and hoped for the best. And on a diet of beans and rice, it was bound to be messy. Clean-up was a cinch. You’d go outside before the sun came out and cooked it to the wall. So what happens when you forget to set your alarm before the sun comes up? You have a brown Christmas tree that leads right to your bedroom window.

  • Leif E.

    With my freshly-minted driver’s license in my pocket at 16 years old, I excitedly drove to my first day of paid work ever. Excited at both driving the car and starting my first job, I thought of the places I would go and the things I would do with my first paycheck. Freedom was the name of the game, I thought.

    Arriving in the parking lot of the Le Grande Salade restaurant, I checked the rear-view mirror and fixed my hair. Hurriedly, I tied my necktie and made sure my uniform looked alright. Certain I was to make a great first impression my first day, I jumped out of the car, locked the door and shut it.

    That’s when I realized, with horror, that not only had I locked the keys to my parent’s car in the car, I had done so with the engine running and the radio blaring. When I got inside, I sheepishly had to ask the manager if I could use the phone to call my parents to unlock and turn off the car. Hardly the great first impression I was aiming for. Instead, I showed how stupid I could be. My plans for good times and travel with my first check were dashed as well, as my parents grounded me for driving with the radio of their car so loud. Ah, well, the ignorance of youth….

  • Sarah

    When I was at school and played Tennis on a Wednesday afternoon (twas a public school daaahling). I watched my friend cross the astroturf and daintily lift one leg at a time over the net to cross sides of the court. I thought this was terribly lame and said she could have simply leapt over in a rather elegant fashion and proceeded to demonstrate. I have never been a particularly stable person at the best of times and in my run up to the net, my mind was saying “THIS IS A BAD IDEA” but my feet couldn’t stop. In mid air, I thought I’d cleared it but then suddenly I felt my toe clip the net and i fell 90 degrees to flat on my face on the astroturf. Badly winded, scraped knees, busted cheek and a huge gaping gash on my arm. I looked lovely at my cousins wedding that weekend…..

  • pamela

    I was attending my lneice,going away to college at a getogether this year with family and friends there in a neighbor park. what happen that was so stupid was I thought I was recording the event on my camcorder for 3hours and after getting home to put on video it didn’t record. How much does it take to push play.

  • https://ironiconic.blogspot.com Cole

    Last January I was spending a week in NYC on vacation. Among many things I was most excited about going to see the production of In The Heights with my hollywood crush playing the lead. I had super close seats that I had saved months to purchase. It was very cold that night so I bundled up and left the loft with just enough time to make it to midtown in time to see the show. Me, having never been to NYC on my own or out and about at night, got on the subway going the oposite direction! Before I knew it I was lost somewhere in the poorly lit hood of Brooklyn. It took a tiny Asian woman walking six barking dogs, two more subways, my high school Spanish, and my inhaler before I finally got to the theatre.

    It was about ten minutes until intermission. Luckily, the usher working took pity on me in my exhausted panic and let me in. Of course I had to climb over a few people mid performance to get to my seats, but in the end the show was great and the night couldn’t have turned out better. Oh and my celebrity crush? Thought the entire story was pretty funny (and cute). One of the greatest adventures yielded the greatest treasure.

    I live in NYC now, and to this day I check my subway trains AT LEAST 3 times to be safe.

  • Fausto

    My stupid moment:

    Leaving a comment thinking I may actually win a Diesel watch.

  • Lunachique

    Another stupid moment was drinking down a live goldfish swimming in beef flavored water for dogs for some concert tickets. I felt absolutely guilty and awful for days.

  • hminnesota

    Life in America:
    I came as an international student and never saw standing shower before. When I entered my friend’s appt, I loved the shower curtain so I took both (curtain and liner) out of the tub..By the time my 15 mins of shower was done, half of the house was flodded..

  • susan smoaks

    the other day i was trying to dial the phone on my adding machine!

  • Julie L.

    I have had a lot of stupid moments.. like looking for my phone…when I was talking on it. Pantsing who I thought was a friend in high school, but it turned out to be a substitute. (In my defense the sub looked just like my friends from the back–I got in MAJOR trouble for that one.) Accidentally setting my hair on fire at my graduation.. (we had to light our candle off the person next to us, I leaned over and caught me hair on fire…)but I did end up with a really cute bob haircut at least. :)

  • https://N/A Shane

    One Crack of Ass Late Night, On My Way back to College from Summer Break. I was once almost killed! Veering onto a highway…A 16 Wheeler Mack Truck almost tore my (then) 1990 Nissan Maxima (this was in 2000) into Metal Confetti. Optimus Prime was Going at least 90miles per hour, didn’t know it was possible. In a fit of rage I used the only feature on the car worth mentioning, the sunroof for a very good purpose.

    I sped up in front of the Mack Truck being sure to let the driver know how much of a “fill in the blank” he was, by putting my best “3rd Finger Forth”. I was soooo upset, my heart was jumping like MC Hammer in the early 90′s, from the thought that; I REALLY ALMOST LOST MY LIFE!! In a fit of RAGE, INSANITY, and PROTEST. My whole arm and hand was petrified through the roof of the car. As I drove in front of the truck for miles to come, just to let him know how much of a jerk he was on this late nigh lonely highway of just me and him.

    I allowed the wind to massage my forearm and middle finger as my heart finally begin to slow, like MC Hammer’s Career.

    The thought occurred that maybe the Truck Driver had seen enough of my middle finger as I had traveled, at the very least,8 miles in front of him.

    And as I emphasized my distress,I thought when I come to a place of tranquility I will one day put my finger down. I had turn on my music allowing the music to soothe me while my finger waved in the air like the American Flag on the Forth of July.

    In fact I even seen fireworks in the review and side mirror.
    Wait a minute!!

    Yep, you guess it, the Police strobe lights. Along with a siren.

    “Really a Siren?!?” I thought, “what am I O.J.?”

    I didn’t understand it was only me and the truck on the road it was like I went from nightmare to day dream to nightmare. Just me, a cop and a lonely Highway. Where the hell did the truck go?

    I pulled over wondering what happened how did this police get back there. The officer, buzz cut in all, and red like his face had been sand papered yells at me, “what the HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU,SON!!” I’m thinkin, “the speed limit was 70 I think I was doing about 85 how bad could this be”….

    So you think you can give me the finger for 8 miles and speed right in front of me!!

    “No No No, I was giving it to the truck driver” I said.
    The Cop was so pissed he couldn’t help but ask, “so you didn’t know I was back there? “NO!”, I said.” He went to his car….

    I was hoping he would ignore the fact that I’m black and mistake my new found red face for a relative of his, looking in the review, I almost had.

    I pulled out my bible from my rat package in the backseat and read Psalms 26 or something over and over again. He came back and yelled …”You better watch where you put that finger at or somebody might just RIP IT OFF”… throwing a warning in the car.

    IF that ain’t stupid I don’t know what is….



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