Denim Decreasing, While Milk Pants On The Rise

Dec 23, 2010 By Amy

Cotton may no longer be the fabric of our lives. According to denim manufacturers cotton prices are dramatically on the rise, making now more than ever the ideal time for innovative and more sustainable fabrics to enter the fashion marketplace. This lies especially true in the denim realm- where cotton has always been the main ingredient in the fabric. However, it appears our classic denim days may be added to the endangered list.

As reported by WWD, denim guru,�Adriano Goldschmied [co-founder of Diesel Jeans and AG denim partner]�said, “a �widening of vision� will be a necessary for the denim industry.��[In the future], jeans could be made out of milk, a tree or bamboo. Cotton can be a component of that�but there are amazing things that are giving a new look to denim.�

The future of denim will pave the way for other sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics across the entire fashion industry. After all, the denim look has always been a staple trend each season- whether it be jeggings, different washes, lengths, skinny or baggy pants, jackets- denim (or at least the denim look) is something that will always be around.

It’s exciting to see how denim and fabrics will be changing in the future to address sustainability concerns. Besides, they say, “milk does a body good,” so making pants out of it makes sense…right?

[via WWD]

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