Dec 3, 2010

Harry Potter Morphs Into Dirty Daniel

By Alissa

With the release of the latest Harry Potter film, it isn’t just Hermione aka actress Emma Watson whose changing up her look. Harry Potter himself morphs into dirty Daniel for a shoot with Dazed & Confused titled, “Put A Spell On You.” They should’ve called it “Smudge Paint All Over You” instead. Radcliff looks VERY disheveled, appearing part magician – part homeless – part clown – part sinister – part bird – and most of all – part creepy.

I get he’s trying to shy away from his goody goody magician…uhhh…wizard image; but seriously this is NOT the way! Didn’t he star in a play, naked a while ago? Now THAT’S how you up your appeal…not by letting people tar and feather you like the village idiot Daniel! This whole shoot is unfortunate and screams AWKWARD! Perhaps that sullen eye and hand to head on the cover below are signs of Radcliff’s regret for the shoot?

Okay…maybe I’m being a little harsh. I mean, I think the whole editorial concept has potential, but it totally took a wrong turn somewhere. The Dazed team should’ve toned down the face paint and focused on what Radcliff actually looks like instead of going with the “shape shift” theme. Oh wait…wait…they DID do this, but only in TWO shots. Unforgettably, those don’t make up for the dirty Daniel reflected on the cover.

Alas…maybe the editorial DID do its job, because it totally got my attention?! I mean…I’d rather see a dirty Daniel on newsstands than Miley Cyrus! So tell me, what are your thoughts on the shoot?

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