I’m A Man Repeller, Are You?

Dec 10, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

First things first, step back from whatever you’re doing, take a big deep breath and look down at your outfit. Then ask yourself this big question: are you man repelling? I recently discovered that I am in fact man repelling on a daily basis. I’m coming to terms with this man repelling concept, but I guess I should be okay with it in the name of fashion. At this point you’re probably wondering what exactly is a man repeller? I’m more than happy to explain. There are two definitions for a man repeller (repelling):

1. A hysterical fashion blog called The Man Repeller by Leandra Medine (pictured below), who in fact calls herself a man repeller.

and as her blog defines the term…

2. “Outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls (see:human repelling), shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.”

For now, let’s talk about Medine’s fashion blog. I have to admit that upon first coming across The Man Repeller site, I didn’t think it would be about fashion at all. I mean the phrase “man repeller” just doesn’t scream fashion to me, but boy was I wrong! The Man Repeller covers all things fashion; Medine discusses her own personal style, she analyzes obscure fashion trends, and she even makes fun of fashion icons, in a loving way though. Medine has likened trends from the fur-craze to grizzly bears and Cousin It, the gothic-chic trend to Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family, and the flannel shirt fad to the lumberjack. She’s also echoed everyone from the one and only Anna Wintour to the children’s cartoon, Dora The Explorer.

Man Repeller, Medine recently wrote an article for the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar exploring the question: Can fashionistas get a man, or are they forever limited to wardrobe-only relationships? I predict that Medine may just be the next Carrie Bradshaw by mixing the fashion world with her love life, do you agree? Anyways, whether you’re looking for a little fashion fun this weekend, or just a good read, be sure to check out The Man Repeller.

[images via The Man Repeller]

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