Kate Bosworth: From Idiot to Screen Gem to JewelMint

Dec 26, 2010 By Amy

American beauty, Kate Bosworth continues to have a stellar acting career and recently added jewelry designer to her never ending resume. The leading lady graces the January cover of Lucky magazine rocking pieces from her line, JewelMint, which she co-created with celebrity stylist and friend, Cher Coulter.

JewelMint is probably one of the coolest, along with reasonably priced, celebrity jewelry lines out there. Users of the JewelMint website create a style profile based on a quiz. They are then presented accessory matches according to their quiz answers- best of all each piece of jewelry is only $30. This is a monthly subscriptions site, so users receive a new piece of jewelry each month. Not too shabby, considering how expensive trendy pieces can be. Let’s not forget Bosworth is known for her style, so her JewelMint designs perfectly compliment the elegant red carpet aesthetic she’s known for.

Although, no matter what roles Kate Bosworth takes on, she still sticks out (at least in my head) as Zoe Saldana’s playtime partner in “Idiots,” a hilarious Funny or Die short. Peep it below for a good laugh!

For more Kate Bosworth head to MyFDB and for more information about JewelMint visit the brand’s�official site.

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