MyFDB’s New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

Dec 31, 2010 By Amy

(Pictured left to right, top: Reginald, Keith, Jordan, Jason, and Larry, bottom: Amy, Vaneza, Amanda, Whitney, and Andri)

Champagne? Getting dressed up? A midnight toast? What’s not to love about new years eve?!…Oh wait; there’s the annual new year’s resolution. A new goal for the year which we hope to stick with. Sadly, these resolutions have a funny way of disappearing a few months into the year. With high hopes for 2011, the MyFDBlog asked everyone in the office: “What’s your New Year’s Fashion Resolution?” Here are the answers we received…

Keith Britton [Founder, CEO]: “My resolution is to incorporate more youthful elements into my work wear.”

Jordan Glassberg [Co-Founder, New Business Dev.]: “Own what I need. Consume less. Wear more suits. Wear more corduroy (obviously).”

Reginald Flanagan [VP, Operations]: “My New Year’s fashion resolution is to start bringing a little more style to my out of work wear. If I am not at work you will most likely find me in a v-neck, board shorts, and sandals. Being from Colorado, if it’s over 65 degrees, it’s shorts weather. My wife has been after me for a few years because I always look like I’m going or coming from the beach. I still haven’t mapped out how to make the change but have a few more days to decide. So if you’re still thinking about what to get me for Christmas, feel free to get me something that will help shift my out of work wear to something more stylish.”

Jason M. [Creative Director of Product]: “Mine is to wear the same outfit, as many days out of next year as possible.”

Whitney W. [Executive Assistant]: “My resolution is to not allow more than two pieces of clothing to be on my closet floor at once!”

Amy G. [Marketing Manager]: “My new year’s fashion resolution is to dress more mature  (er…at least at work). I’m going for more of a stylish young professional look instead of someone that gets carded for rated R movies (true story!)…bye bye headbands!

Vaneza P. [Marketing Coordinator]: “My fashion resolution comes in two parts: To stop buying black shoes & incorporate more color into my wardrobe. Almost every pair of shoes in my closet are black and in the last year my collection has magically doubled. What’s even worse? That each pair is slightly similar to the other! The second part of my resolution is to incorporate more color into my closet. I tend to favor black pieces over anything else while the rest of my closet is pretty neutral (greens, browns, and tan). I would like to slowly add more color to my outfits even if it’s just in the form of accessories like a cute clutch or bright belt…And when all resolutions fall through? The final one: to give up those daily cups of coffee, SAVE and purchase a Chanel bag…A girl can dream right?

Amanda M. [Data Entry Specialist]: “Oh New Year’s resolutions…time to reflect on all the wrong doings of the last year and motivate myself to be an overall better person. When it came to figuring out my fashion resolution one thing immediately came to mind, taking the time to treat my garments “humanely.” I have been known to throw my clothes in piles even if they should be hung up, wash them on hot when it specifically says cold, and dry cleaning? What’s that? I have come to realize that instead of constantly replacing the things I own, I should just take better care of what I have.”

Mckenzie D. [Marketing Assistant] (not pictured): “My New Year’s fashion resolution is to take more risks and broaden my outfit range. If by taking risks I become somewhat of a “man repeller” then so be it. I want to express who I truly am, even if that entails a couple double takes from passer-bys or snide comments from strangers. I also genuinely believe that dressing the part is very important, so broadening my range of outfits will help me fill the roles of my day-to-day life.”

Alissa C. [MyFDBlog Contributor] (not pictured): My New Year’s fashion resolution is to feature clothes and accessories that are awesome, instead of just ripping apart the heinous.

So those are our goals! What’s your New Year’s Fashion Resolution? We want to know!….Share them below.

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