Ex-trav-a-gent Clothing Only a Man Repeller Would Love!

Jan 31, 2011 By Mckenzie

By now, we have all be well acquainted with the term “man repelling,” and Ms. Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine. In fact, “man repelling” has gained so much popularity recently, it just might make its way into the English Dictionary as both a verb and a noun very soon. And now there just so happens to be an editorial in Muse magazine that man repellers everywhere are going to love. Rightfully titled “Ex-trav-a-gent“, the editorial showcases an extremely bold wardrobe, makeup and hair. Only true fashionistas aka man repellers would be lusting after the pompom stole, the overtly over-sized knit cardigan, the stilettos made of LEGOS and the lobster-like antennae headgear. I would like one of each in my closet, please! Fashion editor, Melissa Rubini did a fab-u-lous job styling this shoot. I’m assuming she is a true man repeller, if not, she sure knows how to make any girl have fashionable heart palpitations.

Model, Jana Knauerova looks super edgy in her stark-white short hair and prominent eyebrows. I would love to pull off such a high-fashion look. But, I can almost hear my brothers, my dad and all of my guy friends asking if I was going for the Frida Kahlo look, or if I had accidentally mixed up my eyebrow appointment with my hair coloring appointment. Oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she? If you want to see more of the beautiful, man repelling inspired editorial, be sure to check it out on MyFDB!

Professional Credits:

Roe Ethridge Photographer
Melissa Rubini Stylist
Zach Gafin Fashion Assistant
Sil Bruinsma Makeup Artist
Jordan M. Hair Stylist

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