Jan 12, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Fever: Bad Hair and Nailpolish

By Editor

Justin Bieber, his bad bowl hair cut and some lipstick are the highlights of the latest Vanity Fair cover. I’m up on my pop culture, but seriously this beaver, er, I mean Bieber character is more than everywhere. From magazines to his fans stampeding into Walmart to buy his branded nailpolish (because come on all teenage boy singers need to put out their own line of OPI polish…duh), it seems as if the Biebs is here to stay. With no signs of  Bieber fever being cured anytime soon, I have to ask myself, “Is there something I’m just not getting here?” Uhh…why do girls want to be this guys eenie meenie miney mo lova? He’s not even 18!?!

Lets talk about his “The Kid Just Has It” editorial for Vanity Fair; Bieber is shot hanging out like a “normal-ish” teenager while he plays checkers and has girls gawking at him through a window. Also, note the shot above showing off his eenie meenie miney mo man muscles (sans chest hair), while deciphering his next checkers move. Wait, kids still play checkers!? Apparently, this is what life is like on the daily for Bieber, who is releasing a 3D movie later this year. Yes, you heard right, a MOVIE called, Never Say Never which supposedly chronicles his skyrocket to fame and his “hardships.” I’m sure young Biebs has been through MANY hardships, from not knowing which pair of designer jeans to wear to which track he wants to record next with Usher….his life is obviously VERY hard!

Browse the full editorial on MyFDB to find out which lucky industry professionals got work on this Vanity Fair shoot with the Biebs!

Professional Credits:

Art Streiber Photographer
Jeanne Yang Stylist
Vanessa Price Groomer
Sydney Zibrak Hair Stylist
Andrew Trosmans Prop Stylist
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