Kirsten Dunst: All Good Things Are Wild And Free

Jan 10, 2011 By Mckenzie

You know her as Spiderman’s old fling. You know her as the excessively gorgeous and excessively expensive Marie Antoinette. And, you know her as that tiny, cute cheerleader who was constantly yelling, “Go Toros!” That’s right, I’m talking about Kirsten Dunst. Now one question I have for you is this, do you know her as a fashion icon? You should! And, to prove it she’s the latest cover girl for Blackbook magazine- looking fabulous!

The title of her editorial isAll Good Things Are Wild And Free.” I would say it’s a semi appropriate title given that Dunst has free falling white locks alongside her rather fierce wardrobe. Makeup artist, Pati Dubroff made a bold contrast by darkening Dunst’s eye and leaving her skin ashy white. Speaking of white, I love the white theme of Dunst’s editorial; as previously mentioned, her white Marie Antoinette-esque hair, her pale skin and now, the white background. Does this count as monochromatic? Maybe, maybe not, but either way it is very appealing to the eye.And, even though the spread is “All Good Things Are Wild And Free,” I have to argue that it is anything but “wild.” All of this white gives a sense of etherealness.

What do you think, is the editorial appropriately titled or not? Check it out on MyFDB and let us know!

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