Jan 7, 2011

Luxirare: From Floating Fur to Pie Pops!

By Mckenzie

The food and fashion ship has been sailing for quite some time now. There was that Crystal Renn and Terry Richardson editorial in Vogue Paris, the indulgent Wildfox Couture editorial and the yummy, tummy grumbling watch editorial in Numéro. The incredible blog, Luxirare is also part of this food and fashion combination, but much much better; it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Yes, Luxirare is killer clothing and fine cuisine, but it’s also attainable avant-garde, because everything about it is high fashion. Parson’s graduate, Ji Kim runs the blog, and boy is she one talented fashionista! She takes impossible ideas from the imagination and makes real, impeccable works of art. I may be getting ahead of my self here, but Kim just might be the next Alexander McQueen. Who else would think of a feminine jacket made of chains, a floating fur jacket or an eyeball clutch? The best part about these amazing products is the step-by-step instructions Kim provides! Just like I said, attainable avant-garde.

So now you know Kim has the style and imagination of a fashion legend, but did you also know she has the taste buds of a Food Network star? Well, she does! Kim’s cooking is just as incredible and imaginative has her fashion design. I mean I’ve heard of lollipops, and now there are cake pops, but I’ve never heard of pie pops! I have also never seen parfaits that look a cross between fish eggs and a crayon box. Speaking of crayons, Kim also whipped up some edible crayons, EDIBLE CRAYONS!  Let’s just say that the food featured on Luxirare is runway worthy. If food was fashionable, which it is, Luxirare‘s food would be Chanel and my morning cereal would be Goodwill. Kim provides step-by-step cooking processes for her tasty treats just as she did with her fashionable projects. I said it once, and I’ll say it again, attainable avant-garde!

If you are in the mood for some amazing avant-garde fashion and food then be sure to check out Ji Kim’s blog, Luxirare. Get caught up in Kim and her creations, there is no denying the amazingness!

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