Magdalena Frackowiak: Ice Queen Or Angel? Or Both?

Jan 27, 2011 By Mckenzie

There is absolutely nothing better than placing one of the fashion industry’s top muses on the cover of Muse magazine. I mean how perfect is that? Ironically, that is EXACTLY what Muse magazine did for their Winter issue. The jaw dropping Magdalena Frackowiak just so happens to be the cover girl, and she just so happens to be one of the industry’s most sought after model muses. Throughout the magazine, Frackowiak is wearing Spring’s must have color- white. The all-white wardrobe makes Frackowiak look like both an ice queen and an angel; quite the contrast, if you ask me.

This ice queen-angel contrast continues with Frackowiak’s radiating skin and flawless makeup thanks to artist, Frederik Stambro. Maybe it’s just me, but her hair also screams sexy and innocent at the same time, it’s perfectly placed, yet a little disheveled.  Photographer, Maciek Kobielski put Frackowiak in front of an all-white background, which is either very bold, or very understated, I can’t decide. Either way, I am loving Magdalena Frackowiak and this editorial, it is very reminiscent of a past blog post we did about Kirsten Dunst’s Blackbook magazine editorial.

Head to MyFDB to see more of Miss Magdalena Frackowiak modeling for Muse!

Professional Credits:

Maciek Kobielski Photographer
Darcy Backlar Fashion Editor
Diane Boulenger Fashion Assistant
Butch Hogan Photographer Assistant
Frederik Stambro Makeup Artist
Rudi Lewis Hair Stylist
Martha Fekete Manicurist

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