Take A Whirlwind Trip To Paris With Free People

Jan 15, 2011 By Lauren Valenti

Imagine taking a whirlwind trip to the most beautiful city in the world, Paris. You would get to ride bikes down bustling streets, nibble on petite treats, sip espresso, fall in love with those perfect Parisians and of course, visit the Eiffel Tower. Sounds like one spectacular trip, right? I’d say so! Everyone at Free People took a trip just like this for their January 2011 catalogue, I can’t help but be a little envious. Luckily, they made a video-catalogue so everyone can experience Paris just as they did. The video itself is so beautiful. It gives the sense that you’re looking through rose-colored glasses, which we all know makes everything better! All of the clothes are amazing, so feminine, and so delicate; they fit right in with the effortless chic-ness of Parisian style.

Free People is really jumping on the multimedia fashion bandwagon! First there was the Free People and fashion blogger collaboration, and now there are jet setting video-catalogues. Bravo Free People, we are loving every bit of it!

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