What Do YOU Want To See At NYFW?

Jan 24, 2011 By Amy

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, then you know the team at MyFDB is gearing up to brave the cold and cover all the collections, parties, and more at New York Fashion Week next month. So with all this hoopla surrounding NYFW, we want to know…WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF? Is it street style? Behind-the-scenes coverage? Runway collections? Models? Trends? Events?

To Enter:

Leave a comment below telling us what you want to see more of and you’ll automatically be entered to win the entire Winter Collection of nailpolish from Duri Cosmetics.

So comment and type away, your nails with *thank you* when they are graced with these cool colors from Duri!

Official Rules:
This contest is open to US residents only.�� A winner will be notified via email. This giveaway closes Monday, February 7th at 1:00 pm (PST time). A special thanks to Duri Cosmetics!

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  • Sarah

    I definitely want to see lots of runway coverage, street style, and interviews with designers and other creatives about their inspirations/ideas.

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  • https://www.twitter.com/nolifewhatsoev Tennekka

    I wanna see the fashion from the attendees and who is showing up to which shows! There are plenty of the sites where we will get to see the runway fashion – show more of something else! Plus I’d love to hear interviews from those behind the scenes like the makeup artists.

  • Richard Peterson

    Want to see the Runway Styles!

  • curiosityscat

    I would like to see the following:
    1) A Quick List of Trends: The Color Schemes (the one common color thread-ex: purple or royal blue, whatever it is for Spring 2011), Accessories, Styles (Military vs Romantic, etc.), Skirt lengths (which direction), Ruffles or Beads, Vibrant or Muted, Are we headed for the space age or back to the roaring 20′s? (Since the 80′s seem to have already recently revisited: chunky jewelry and multi bangles,tie dye,tattoo shirt sleeves, bedazzled-I mean Bling everything, ripped jeans,vivid bright solids, and so much more)
    2) Of course, I would love to see the standard big design house collections, but I would also like to see a few of the unknown, new comers, the “To Watch List” of break out designers that we will, should, or hope to see more. In the future. Either with their own shows or the people who are working at other houses and on the show’s collections for NYFW.
    3) I would also like to see the “Who” of who is attending which shows, For Example: There are too many shows to attend All of them, so there must be something drawing people to the ones they are attending. So, who is attending, and why? Same old Same old Big Fashion houses (of course), but those collections will show up 900 times (& probably the same pics) or Is there a well known fashion maven who is attending an unexpected designer’s show, and if so, why? Is it 2blks from home, is it the yummy bites, a special friendship, whispers of fabulous talent, or the open bar?
    4) And just for fun, how about, “Say What?” Random overheard comments, that people said when they didn’t think anyone was listening (or loud enough for everyone to hear, because they didn’t care that everyone was listening).

    Just my few Fashion Week Wishes…

  • Crissy Durst

    I want to see more behind-the-scenes coverage at NYFW!

  • https://www.TheHappyHourTour.com Jennie

    Party coverage & street style – what’s everyone wearing to party? Runway shows are awesome & all, but even designers know street style is where it’s at these days otherwise the best fashion bloggers wouldn’t be sitting front row!

  • Melissa Lawrence

    More feminine romantic style.

  • SpyC

    I agree with curiosityscat.

    A quick list of trends, a way to follow which shows were attended by which celeb, blogger, or fashion trendsetter, and a “say what?” section would be wonderful.

    Street style pics are obviously appreciated also. Basically, I’d like to feel like I was there, in the thick of it, even though I am 3,000 miles away. Is that too much to ask?

  • https://ironiconic.blogspot.com Cole

    I would love to see some interviews with the models. I just love listening to their opinions on the collections and the over all FW experience.

  • Charline

    I want to see behind the scenes of all the fashion and who is attending.

  • Maureen

    Would love to see behind the scenes how they style the models hair and makeup- can’t wait to see all the fashion week coverage!

  • Deanna G.

    Definitely runway & trends! :)

  • https://urlyfe.com tina byers

    I would love to see tons of runway and back stage footage ….interviews with up and coming trendsetters throughout the industry would be priceless!! I’ll be there but I’ll be watching you guys lol-I’m so excited right now! “I’m punching a hurricane!” SNL

  • https://www.TheRunwayTimes.blog.com Sharontina Brightman

    I’d love to see more behind the scenes action! I remember last season at fashion week, Betsey Johnson posted her show live via ustream and viewers were able to see the process from beginning to end, it was like we were there! Every season, lovers of NYFW crave more and more exclusivity if they aren’t able to physically attend the shows, and that’s what behind the scenes coverage gives us. We just want to feel like we are a part of the mix!I’d also like to see coverage of events post NYFW, I know they are amazing!!! I hope to be there next season covering shows, but until then, keep us in the know! :)

  • Brenda R

    Would love to hear about the new styles and what happens backstage!

  • hminnesota

    I want to see more designer gowns.



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