Jan 10, 2011

Would You Brave Crazy Moms & Annoying Kids To Score A Deal?!

Some girls say it’s taboo, others do it with pride and many won’t fess up to the deed – I’m talking about shopping in the kid’s section…no no, not for your adorable 5 year old niece…I’m talking about for yourself. Lets be honest…we all like to save money and with slow economic times, now more than ever women are flocking to the children’s section to purchase pint-sized versions of current trends. A recent Dailymail UK article dives deeper into this subject with an editor confessing her love of shopping in the younger crowd’s section…with NO shame! As demonstrated by the photo below, you can typically save half the dough when going with kid’s goods over adult sizes. I don’t know about you, but I like a good deal and would much rather be able to get DOUBLE the amount of clothes for the same price as one regular outfit.

I know what you’re thinking- you have to be super skinny to fit into kid’s clothes. That’s actually NOT the case anymore. Sad but true, the only upside to childhood obesity is that brand’s are now making larger sizes for kids. So while they gain weight, you gain an opportunity to score some trendy pieces on the cheap. Plus, children’s clothing has come a long long way from when I was a child and selections were hardly as fashionable as they are now (scrunchies and floral anyone?).

Honestly, I’m all about checking out the kid’s section in stores like GAP Kids, ZARA, and H&M. What’s your take on all this child’s play? Would you brave crazy moms and annoying kids to score a deal?!

[via Dailymail UK]

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