Feb 14, 2011

Custo Barcelona Throws A Runway Party

It was a very busy day for team MyFDB yesterday as we attended 5 shows…And although my energy was dipping towards the end, my excitement grew as I headed back to the Lincoln Center for my last show of the day: Custo Barcelona. As soon as I entered the main stage, I felt as if I was at a nightclub! The stage was dark and the runway was neon blue (think “Tron” meets Daft Punk)…

The lights dimmed as the music blared and the “light show” that consisted of shapes and lines in bright colors began! And then it was off to the looks! In true Custo Barcelona fashion, the ensembles were extreme with lots of distessed pieces in denim and spandex. Patterned nylons in shades of purple, black and red were apparent while paired with looser pieces such as an embellished white sweater. The looks were very risk-taking in terms of patterns which contrasted with one another yet were paired and piled over eachother. One accent that appeared time and time again was a thick fringe on tops as well as exaggerated boots which moved crazily every time the model took a step down the runway.

The looks were paired with bare faces, dark merlot colored lips and low hairbuns. I was surprised that the majority of the looks in the show were in tones of grey, burgundy, brown and blue because Custo Barcelona is known for color! So naturally I was pleased that his brightest looks, including a flowly multi-colored dress, made it’s debut towards the end of the show. One thing for sure, Custo Barcelona’s show and looks definitely put the audience in the mood to party.

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