Designer Hester van Eeghen Shares Why Leather Is Her Muse & More to MyFDB!

Feb 21, 2011 By Amy

Leather, innovative design, and color are three things we love here at MyFDB. So we were thrilled at the opportunity to interview designer, Hester van Eeghen. You might remember her brand, which goes by the same name from one of our previous contests. Eeghen, who is known for creating bold bags, wallets, shoes, and gloves, continues to create goods for a global audience.

What caused you to go down the route of designing handbags and wallets as opposed to any other avenue of fashion?
Leather has always been my muse. I loved the smell, the touch, the flexibility, the many possibilities of leather. It is a reminder of a life lived and I want to honor that life with beauty. It fills me with a sense of wonder and surprise. Leather allows me to use my favorite colors and to shape it into something beautiful.

How would describe the “Hester van Eeghen” target consumer?
My clients seem to be very independent, free of mind, intelligent and have an eye for detail. They are often art lovers who appreciate quality and think of my bags as pieces of art because of the material, shapes and surprises.

Given your bags make a statement, what’s your perfect outfit to pair a HVE purse with?
I believe there should not be a perfect outfit or perfect match, because the object itself is independent and you can always wear them with whatever you desire. People like to make matches, but in theory, you should like to carry your bag no matter what. People should be independent and please their own eyes, their own sense of beauty, their own sense of style.

With your bags being sold all over the globe, what are some of your favorite places to travel for inspiration?
I must say that every place has a unique essence that inspires me in different ways. Every place has its own colors and smells and senses. Warmer climates are very inspiring because all the senses are engaged. India, for example, has a rich experience of colors and sensory inputs. Other places that consistently inspire me, Paris and Italy.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
Nurture and appreciate your own passion, power and curiosity! These are the three major elements for discovering all aspects of fashion. I also feel that volunteering is extremely important to gradually discover where your talents are.

That’s a wrap! A huge thank you to designer, Hester van Eeghen for taking the time to talk to MyFDB, and for more about her and her work, visit the official Hester van Eeghen website.

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