Dior Puts John Galliano in Time Out After Drunken Rant

Feb 25, 2011 By Amy

Luxury couture house Christian Dior has suspended designer John Galliano after an altercation at a Parisian cafe where he allegedly said anti-semetic remarks to a couple at the establishment. The brand does not tolerate any racism or anti-semticism and has officially placed Galliano on suspension. Galliano’s lawyer, Stéphane Zerbib says the couturier “expressly denies” these charges.

According to WWD, “under French law, anyone found guilty of making an anti-Semitic comment could be liable to a more than two-year prison sentence, Zerbib said. However, such cases typically result in financial compensation being imposed by a court.” As well, “the police source said that Galliano, who was eventually released, had an alcohol reading of 1.01 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air.”

I’m thinking once the charges and allegations against the designer are resolved he’ll promptly return to work. However, the fashion industry is left wondering what’s going to happen when its time for Dior to present their F/W collection in early March?

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