If Lady Gaga And Bryan Boy Had A Baby, It Would Be This Editorial

Feb 3, 2011 By Mckenzie

Have you ever tried to take pictures at night and then realized that it is one difficult task? I sure have! I always somehow manage to get these insanely cool but annoying streaks across the photo from the bright lights, which then lead me to believe it was was either a ruined picture, or a very conceptual looking image that I could brag to my friends about. Well it turns out that Numéro magazine doesn’t think such photography is ruined; they did a whole editorial in it. “Chinatown” was shot by the amazingly talented Greg Kadel.

The best part of this photo shoot has got to be the wardrobe! Who knew that various animal prints piled on top of each other could look so good?? The accessories for the spread are very bold, very extreme, and very, very cool. If Lady Gaga and Bryan Boy got together and had accessory babies, they would be in this editorial. I have decided that the editorial’s stylist, Patti Wilson has inspired me to try new and exciting things with the bold prints and exciting accessories I have in my wardrobe.

Peep the entire editorial and the team behind the scene on MyFDB!

Professional credits:

Greg Kadel Photographer
Patti Wilson Stylist
Taylor Kim Assistant Stylist
Frank B. Makeup Artist
Shay Ashual Hair Stylist
Alicia Torello Manicurist
Luke Lanter Digital Services
Whit Lane Digital Services
Ernesto Qualizza Producer

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