Alla Kostromichova – Taking The Modeling World By Storm!

Mar 28, 2011 By Mckenzie

Monday has come yet again, so you know what that means—it’s time for my favorite part of the week, Model Monday! Today we’re featuring the beautiful Alla Kostromichova. She’s that gorgeous model you see in ALL the magazines, runway photos and behind-the-scenes pictures and you think she looks familiar, but you just don’t know her name.  I swear I see her everywhere! She’s like the Where’s Waldo of the fashion industry—I can pick her out of a crowd instantly. But now that you learned her name, you can pick her out of the crowd too!

Kostromichova is 24 years old and was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She kicked off her successful modeling career in 2008, when she signed with Ford Models.  A year later she left them for Women Direct, the modeling agency that has been representing Kostromichova ever since. She has strutted her stuff on the runway for Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent. In the past, Kostromichova has been the face of Bottega Veneta and Dsqaured2, and you can currently find her in the latest Piazza Sempione ad campaign. She has also been featured in a wide range of exquisite fashion magazines, so if you haven’t been already, be on the lookout for Alla Kostromichova. She is taking the modeling world by storm!

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