Are You Ready To Hop On The BOLD Bandwagon?

Mar 20, 2011 By Amy

Each year I feel like florals, bold colors, and color blocking are always big trends for spring/summer. This seasoni-D magazine hopped on the bold bandwagon in a big way by taking the trend to the extreme with this extra “Bold” editorial. If the title, “Bold” didn’t give things away, this shoot highlights ultra bold colors, bold makeup, bold hair, and even bold eyebrows. Personally, I can live without the bold brows…Actually, with the exception of the cover shot, I can live without the majority of this bold shoot.

The editorial is all over the place too. You have models acting joyous in one shot, while others have an 80′s rocker vibe in others…And I’m certainly not trying to bring back the 80′s anytime soon.

Take a look at i-D‘s “Bold” editorial and judge the shoot for yourself on MyFDB!Do you love it or do you want bold to go bye-bye?!

Professional Credits:

Josh Olins Photographer
Cathy Kasterine Stylist
Shon Hair Stylist
Terry Barber Makeup Artist
Marian Newman Manicurist
Tonia Arapovic Digital Services

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