Mar 16, 2011

Bill Cunningham, the Original Street Style Photog Meets Film

The team at MyFDB has a list of office faves when it comes to street style photogs (see Tommy Ton and Yvan Rodic just to name a few…) but there is one man that we all should pay homage to as he was the “original” street style photographer and finally a film depicting this has been released today! Bill Cunningham is a fashion photographer who began the fascination that is “street style photography” decades ago candidly capturing the greats such as Greta Garbo! Since then, Cunningham has snapped Manhattan’s fashion and society as a whole through an evolution via his photography. Cunningham is best known for riding around the streets of New York on his bicycle with camera in hand…

I am excited to see the new documentary on him produced by Richard Press and Philip Gefter of The Times. The film, titled Bill Cunningham New York opens today in New York and in Los Angeles next week, you can view a schedule of the screenings on their official site.

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  1. [...] Peep the trailer below! The film hits the States tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited! Perhaps this is the season for fashion films?! [...]

  2. [...] on the town for all sorts of fashion fetes, who is your favorite person to run into at an event? Bill Cunningham. He’s always there, quietly snapping and observing but he has such a positive light around [...]

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