Call Courteney Cox A Cougar

Mar 30, 2011 By Vaneza

In my mind, actress Courteney Cox will always be the over compulsive and once overweight Monica from “Friends” who danced around with a turkey on her head for that one Thanksgiving episode (can you say hilarious!?)…and then there was the adorable relationship she and Chandler had. Cox will always be Monica…

However, over the years she has continued her career as an actress, and now stars as a no longer awkward, but instead avery attractive older women in ABC’s “Cougar Town”. Cox plays a witty and funnyrecently divorced woman facing thehumorouschallenges of aging with a teenage son, a crazy (yet hilarious) ex-husband, and close friends played by Christa Miller and Busy Phillips.

Peep Courtney Cox’s MyFDB profile for more images and don’t forget to watch “Cougar Town” tonight!

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