Chanel Launches Makeup Confidential

Mar 28, 2011 By Amy

First they came out with an animated cosmetic robot, now Chanel has launched Makeup Confidential, an online hub for for their vast array of beauty products. Stemming from the mind of Chanel Makeup creative director Peter Philips, the site gives fans behind-the-scenes access to runway looks, their spring beauty collection, tutorials from makeup artistLisa Eldridge and more.

Chanel takes the business of beauty to a whole new level with this visually stimulating endeavor. Unlike other beauty sites, I found that Makeup Confidential was able to keep my attention much longer due to their awesome video content. Almost every click leads visitors to a video clip, even if you’re not the biggest beauty product fan (which I’m so not), there’s something for everyone thanks to Philips. My Favorite part of the whole site? The homepage; I love gazing at the animated Chanel product girl who’s complete with a top hat!

Check out the video below to see the animated products that started it all and be sure to visit Chanel’s Makeup Confidential.

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