Ditch Your Purse For A Pochette

Mar 16, 2011 By Amy

A girl’s purse is a very private and personal wardrobe staple. It’s something that’s with you on all your personal escapades- from girl’s nights out to boyfriends- a handbag lives through it all. The only problem is that sometimes a prized purse can be a little too hefty. I know we can all relate to those times that you’d spend 10 minutes digging through your handbag just to pull out your keys or lipstick. Not to mention after my poor shoulder was weighed down by an overweight bag, I finally hopped off the big purse bandwagon and moved into a petite cross-body. Not only have I dramatically reduced the amount of unnecessary stuff I was carrying around, I also loved the freedom of having my arm free.

To slim  the cross-body trend down even further, I was recently introduced to and fell in love with La Pochette by Thale Blanc! These Pochette bags are minimalistic, stylish, and best of all…practical! With just enough room for your phone, credit cards, lip gloss, and keys, I’d much rather tote a Pochette on a night out instead of a clutch.

MyFDB is giving one lucky reader the opportunity to slim down to a La Pochette by Thale Blanc. We’ve partnered with Thale Blanc to giveaway their lambskin Bella Pochette in camel (retail $128).

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling MyFDB why it’s time for you to downsize the belongings in your bag- the funnier the better! Good luck!

Official Rules:

This contest is open to US residents only and closes March 31st 2011 at 1:00 pm. One winner will be chosen based upon his or her response and notified via email upon the close of the giveaway. A big thank you to Thale Blanc for providing the prize and for more product information visit their website. Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter @ThaleBlanc and “like” Thale Blanc on Facebook.

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  • Sharon Haas

    Seriously I am so tired of dragging a ton of junk with me when I go anywhere. What do I really need that I can’t just buy if I need it?
    I’d love to have a Pochette for my phone and my bank card, just to see if i really could travel thru my day a little lighter!

  • https://www.fvncy.com michelle elaine

    I really don’t need to be walking around with my entire life in my humongous purse. I tend to feel like I’m in the way when trying to get around tiny cramped spaces aka aisles of any boutique/store and it’s time I get organized. My purse prohibits me from being able to find anything in a timely matter. I often think I’ve lost things when really they’re just secretly hidden the abyss aka my purse.


  • https://saucyfbaby.tumblr.com Nicole O

    Well, pretty much I NEED this pochette because I’ve had a change of hearts about small bags. I used to be not be fond of them but I’m really into them now. This pochette will allow me to move around more freely instead of lugging a big, heavy bag on my shoulders or arms. I can just throw it on & go. It’s perfect for running errands or shopping. I’m gonna be honest, I LOVE to shop, so being able to use both of my hands while rummaging thru racks of clothes & shoes would be extremely helpful & beneficial. You never know, a lighter bag like this might help me grab a pair of killer shoes or the cutest dress before someone else does. I don’t play when it comes to fashion. ;)

  • hminnesota

    my current handbag has way too many zippers. Once, at the train station I had to let 3 trains pass by because I couldn’t find the ticket -in which zipper pocket it was..Another time, I spent a lot of time, in which pocket I put my cell phone..DH kept calling frantically!

  • https://www.royalchanenbaum.com Nicole C

    I am always cursing at my purse because I dig and dig and find everything in it, but the ONE thing I’m looking for. This is par for course each time I’m looking for anything, usually my cell phone (as it’s ringing).

    Because like Erykah Badu says, “Bag lady, you gone miss your bus, You can’t hurry up, ‘Cause you got too much stuff…” (that’d be me, so wouldn’t you rather I’d be stylin with La Pochette by Thale Blanc and not cursing like I’ve got turrets??) ; )

  • JerrilynGarrison

    As a mother of two newly turned, two & three year olds…I am dying to downsize! Somehow over the past three years, my diaper bag now serves several purposes: diaper bag, bottle carrier, holder of toys, and sadly…my purse. The kids are doing well with potty training, so it’s DUE time for me to ditch my obnoxious diaper bag/purse and welcome a La Pochette!!!
    Not to mention, I love the look of the La Pochette!!!!

  • https://ab-solutelyfab.blogspot.com amanda

    i’m a fashion intern, and sometimes running errands i need my shoulders and hands free to carry all kinds of things to and from the studio. this would make things so much easier! cell phone, debit card, and I.D., all for emergency purposes, and i’ll get my errands done twice as fast, and maybe get a real job out of it! <3

  • Nancy Reid

    When your hubbie wants to borrow the keys to your car and he
    sticks his hand in your bag to get them and comes up with a
    rubber chicken, it time to downsize!! I really need help.Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! The Thale Blanc bag is stunning. Love the color.
    Would be perfect for Spring. Thank you and them for the giveaway. It rocks.

    I follow @MyFDB on twitter @eyewonit
    I follow @ThaleBlanc on twitter ” and like them on FaceBook

  • https://ironiconic.blogspot.com Cole

    The second my purse became too big to count as a carry on at the airport I knew it was time to downsize. Metaphorically I don’t have bagage but when I walk anywhere with my current purse (cute though it may be) you’d think I was fleeing the country. Living in NYC will be a breeze with this cute little La Pochette. I’m 5’3″ and really petite and I would appreciate a bag thats just as small as I am, instead of a huge bag that even Indiana Jones wouldn’t escavate.

  • cranepuffin

    Its time to ditch my big bag because one of my shoulders is practically dragging on the ground. If I was in Paris I would be mistaken for the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

  • https://www.mockjacob.com Pia

    Why is it time for me to downsize the belongings in my bags? Let me count the ways. Countless times have I freaked out friends, family and potential mates with my typical state of hysteria having lost my cellphone, keys, movie ticket, boarding pass, and so on in the abyss of my purse. What is most embarrassing is upon an archaeological dig in my bag, usually taking place on a floor or street due to its enormity, is that whomever is with me at the time is witness to any feminine products that may appear and exit their rightful secret location due to aggressive pawing. You can imagine the state of things if that person may be my male boss — yes this has happened. I think a smaller and chicer bag would help tremendously in downsizing “crap” I carry around in my larger bags and in being a less annoying person in general. La Pochette! You’re so cute!

  • https://injedifashion.tumblr.com Kat

    I’m always joking to my friends that I’m such a bag lady. I tend to carry my life with me for some reason when I’m out and about. Stuffed purse? Check. Camera bag? Check. And don’t even get me started about shopping/grocery bags. Picture me teetering around like this in heels. Haha, totally impractical and silly but true.. Maybe if I had a Pochette I could find my keys and cell phone without having to dump the contents of my bags onto the ground or spend unnecessary time sifting through each of my bags. Please help a crazy bag lady out! ;)

  • Emily B.

    I’m ready to downsize b/c I only need my ID & bank card in a new La Pochette…anything else I can cram in my bra :)

  • Alexandra Mauro

    My over-sized, obnoxious purse not only adds stress and disorganization to my life, but I truly believe that it’s getting in the way of my love life and social life! I used to carry my big bag around on a night out, until it took me about five minutes to find my phone to exchange numbers with a man that could have been the love of my life, but my over-sized purse got in the way! I tried switching it up, using a clutch instead, but that only resulted in some weird dance move at the club, in which my armpit was awkwardly glued to my side. Needless to say, my “clutch-dance” didn’t catch on, and I’ve spent too many nights dancing solo! I’m not even going to talk about the awkward “cell-phone in the boot” bulk that has ruined my outfit!
    A La Pochette purse would not only make me look effortlessly chic and fashionable, but it would improve different aspects of my life, and who knows! It could potentially lead to finding a soul-mate, who will think I have great style with my La Pochette bag, and he won’t have to wait around for 5 minutes for me to find a pen, or my cell phone to exchange numbers!
    One small, chic and fashion forward bag could change everything! This is just one way that once again, fashion will change a life:)

  • Lakshmi

    WoW! How i wish you would open this contest to international participants. I am in India ;-)

  • cheronda

    I deserve a pochette because I am always on the go. On my way out the door I’m throwing any and everything in my purse to snack on, from candy, chips, cookies, and so much other junk food. This has caused my to gain weight quickly. Another reason is because I can never find anything. I can be standing in line FOREVER trying to find my debit card and/ or cash. My boyfriend is definitely tired of my and my ” luggage”. The crazy thing is that all of my purses are way to big for me.

  • https://www.leilanijoy.com Leilani

    My gargantuan monstrosity should proudly sport the “Hefty” insignia. It has not only damaged me mentally but physically as well. I literally have what is called Scoliosis. Commonly identified by awkwardly bending over in front of the school nurse in junior high, Scoliosis, from Greek: skoliōsis meaning “crooked” is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. Now I’m pretty sure that becoming a full fledged lopsided hunchback will not have me winning any beauty contests. When I saw these gorgeous pochettes I thought… Finally! Something cute and fashionable that won’t have me signing my name Jane “Quasimodo” Jones.

  • Janene Scarborough

    Oh my if you seen my bag? you would know why i need to downsize lol
    It is like a jungle in there! hehe
    I could really use this ;-)
    following along and tweeting

  • https://www.myleatherjacket.blogspot.com Abbe K (My Leather Jacket)

    The smaller the bag, the less I can cram in! I am so so so sick of how at the end of the week, my giant purse is filled with junk! Seriously, do I need 5 starbucks receipts? I don’t think so! Or every lipgloss and lipstick I may have worn, or just thought about wearing? Nope! Lets see… What else is in there? Too much!

  • https://www.escentialaimee.com Aimee

    I think this would be grate for me because it would be dual purpose. As a mom I either carry around a diaper bag and a purse or am constantly switching contents around. With this I wouldn’t have to be doing that as I could carry it without any of the hassle or plunk it in my diaper bag if need be. Easy and stylish? Love it!

  • Susan

    Because sometimes good things really do come in small packages.

  • Jodi L

    Finally!! My two little munchkins are getting old enough I don’t have to carry a diaper bag anynore! This would be great!

  • born2boop

    I still have a fanny pack :( need to bring myself into the new millenium!

  • Richard Peterson

    So my girlfriend doesn’t have to carry 2 purses with her all the time!

  • https://www.evesapples.blogspot.com Eve

    Roses are feminine and classic,
    A pochette purse is too.
    Can’t wait to dump my back breaking beastial bag,
    Pochette, j’adore vous!

  • Miche

    If I don’t downsize the belongings in my bag, my right arm will fall right off. And that wouldn’t be good, now would it?

  • Lydia

    My Reasons Why I Need a Pochette Haiku

    I carry way to much
    The purse is very stylish
    I’d love to carry that !

  • Jerrilyn

    Who was the lucky winner???

  • https://www.leilanijoy.com Leilani

    Anyone know who won?^_^


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