Elton John Sings “Hakuna Matata” With POP

Mar 31, 2011 By Amy

Elton John is known for his wacky ensembles just as much as his award winning tunes, including one of my favorite Disney soundtracks- The Lion King. I get excited every time I see his crazy sunglasses and elaborate get ups when he hits the red carpet. Well, Elton “Just Can’t Wait to Be King” as he’s taken his style to print with POP magazine. The musician posed for the cover of their S/S issue and for the following “Again Again” editorial.

Clearly, Elton has a case of “Hakuna Matata” �(means “no worries”) while rockin scissor glasses, spiked shades for the cover (can he even see through those?), a shiny green shirt, and other attention getting accessories within the shoot. While being photographed by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin he makes more serious facial gestures, which make me think he’s reflecting on “The Circle of Life” (c’mon…my�Lion King references wouldn’t be complete without that tune).

I also found Elton very Simba-like in the above shot with fringed tan sunglasses and a Prada banana scarf…I think Rafiki would be proud.

Browse the full POP magazine shoot on MyFDB!

Professional Credits:

Adam Broomberg Photographer
Oliver Chanarin Photographer
Vanessa Reid Fashion Editor
Akki Shirakawa Hair Stylist
Stephane Marais Makeup Artist

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  • https://www.mercuranyc.blogspot.com Rachel Merrilee

    Yes, you can see through those lenses!
    Thank you for posting the Sir Elton John cover. He is wearing our Mercura Sunglasses.

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