From Balenciaga To McQueen: Get Runway Ready Hair!

Mar 10, 2011 By Amy

While reporting on the Paris Fashion Week Shows, the clothes weren’t the only thing getting noticed- hairstyles were a real highlight! After all, we all love to watch models morph into a new character and many times a hot hairstyle was just as exciting as the clothes. Runway veteran and Redken hairstylist, Guido Palau is the man behind the tresses. From Lanvin to McQueen his mind created looks to compliment each designer’s collection.

For the Alexander McQueen show (which I loved) the look had a helmet feel. According to Guido, “overall this season we created very wearable looks, but this is not one of them. Often we talk about Fashion Week hairstyles as being more fantasy and aspirational, and the look we created today at Alexander McQueen is just that. When developing this look, I took inspiration from old paintings of women going into battle and different helmets from the middle ages, representing a very strong, confident woman.”

Achieve the look:

  • - Pull hair into a low ponytail
  • - Place silver (or black) clips down the ponytail (about ¾)
  • - Flip ponytail up and secure to the back of the head
  • - Place clips around all other hair exposed portions of the head so hair is completely covered

At Lanvin it was all about the braid! “We wanted to create a very natural look for the collection this season.  Sometimes keeping the hair simple and natural makes more of a statement on the runway” said Guido.

Achieve the look:

  • - Apply Redken wool shake 08 gel-slush texturizer to dry hair for texture
  • - Create a center part with your fingers
  • - Pull hair back and create a braid beginning at the nape of the neck and secure with a clear elastic
  • - Pull a few pieces out around the face so the braid looks natural and not too polished

While working the Balenciaga show, models had a more natural hair look. The result was a style that is “very modern, easy, sophisticated – like a woman would wear her hair” said Guido.

Achieve the look:

  • - Prep hair with Redken satinwear 02 ultimate blow dry lotion and blow dry in sections with a Mason Pearson brush moving up to the crown
  • - Back brush at the crown for extra lift
  • - Create a messy side part and sweep hair over forehead
  • - Bring all hair together at nape of the neck and secure in a low ponytail with an elastic, making sure to keep the height at the crown from the back brushing
  • - Finish entire look with a light spritz of Redken shine flash 02 glistening mist for just a hint of shine

Runway hair was inspired by film for Jean Paul Gaultier‘s show. Guido say’s he was “inspired by Alred Hitchcock’s The Birds and we used wigs to portray a very done bourgeois woman.”

Achieve the look (without a wig):

  • - Rough dry hair
  • - Create a 2-inch center part
  • - Backcomb hair to create an airy texture
  • - Twist hair into a French Twist leaving volume at the crown
  • - Finish with forceful Redken 23 super strength finishing spray all over hair to secure in place

At Sonia Rykiel, models rocked a textured asymmetrical do. According to Guido, “This style was inspired by the 40s, and embodies both masculinity and femininity at the same time with the two different textures – matte in the back and shine in front. This is a very wearable look for women today.”

Achieve the look:

  • - Apply Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray and rough dry into hair
  • - Create a deep left side part
  • - On both sides of the head, loosely twist a section above the ear and secure both sections with pins in the back
  • - Pull hair into a low ponytail and backcomb adding thickness and texture
  • - Roll hair up toward the nape, turning slight to the right, creating an asymmetrical roll- secure with pins
  • - Pull a few pieces out to make it very soft, feminine
  • - Apply two jeweled hair pins on either side of the roll
  • - Spray forceful 23 super strength finishing spray onto the front portion, making this portion very hard

At Nina Ricci it was all about classic decade- the sixties! “I was inspired by the 60s, actresses like Brigitte Bardot or a little like a woman in a David Hamilton photo who was very feminine and soft” explained Guido.

Achieve the look:

  • - Damp hair and apply Redken aerate 08 bodifying cream-mousse to the crown and Redken velvet gelatine 07 cushioning blow dry gel to the mid-length through ends
  • - Blow-dry to create lots of volume at the crown and bounce to the ends of hair
  • - Create a two-inch center part
  • - Pull the front pieces down and behind the ears
  • - Secure with a bobby pin in back right at the occipital bone
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