Mar 17, 2011

Hairstyles: From Slobs To “Lobs”

By Amy

A girl’s hair is probably the most important part of her look. Not to mention a bad hair day can totally ruin a look and sour our mood. Starlettes always have hair on the brain and when they change things up or keep their look simple we all take notice- even if we don’t want to. A new hair trend sweeping Hollywood is turning actresses from slobs to lobs…yes, seriously.

The likes of Kate BosworthJessica Alba, Olivia PalmeroKirsten DunstSofia Coppola and more have adopted the do. Oh, if you’re not up on your lob lingo, a lob is the nickname for a long bob. Even though the name sounds silly, it’s actually a practical and easy-to-manage hairstyle- hence its popularity.

Hair stylist Neil Moodie recently said why he thinks the lob is the new “it” do, “The long bob is a great way of having a bob without committing to having your hair too short. There’s something so chic about hair that’s completely all one length without any layers, which in turn means light reflects much better so the hair looks ultra-glossy.”

I do heart my long locks, but I enjoy having layers and bangs as opposed to staying simply straight. Although, my favorite lob-er of all has to be Kate Bosworth, she has gorgeous golden tresses!

What are your thoughts on the lob? Love it or hate it?

[images via Telegraph UK]

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