Gareth Pugh’s Geometric Gold Glamour

Mar 3, 2011 By Amy

After recently discovering that the majority of shoes I own are either gold, black, or a combination of the two (except for a few summer sandals), I found myself drawn even more to Gareth Pugh‘s ready-to-wear collection. His new fall 2011 designs just debuted during Paris Fashion Week and while there were a sleuth of architectural black looks, show-goers were treated to cobalt blue dresses followed by my personal favorite- stripes and sequins made of gold! To me, it looks like Pugh’s inspiration could’ve ranged from Egyptian to space-age. I also felt a dash of that “Midas touch”- like everything he put his hands on magically turned to gold!

With a strong sculpted silhouettes, I love the flashy and glamorous clothes! As well, I’m a big fan of the arm-warmers above, which I feel could make a come back…wait, were they ever even in? Regardless, I could definitely see myself in the black and gold striped ones. Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll take a matching pair of leggings.

So, what are your thoughts on this part of Gareth Pugh’s collection? Do you think he had the golden touch?

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