Gisele Bundchenís Armpits Are Hot In The Middle East

Mar 24, 2011 By Amy

I’m pretty sure I’d be sweaty too if I took a trip to a hot Middle Eastern city, but Gisele’s armpit’s aren’t hot for the reason you’re thinking…The supermodel’s H&M ad campaign was dubbed “too racy” for the Middle East and layers had to be photoshopped†into her “revealing” shoot. Now Gisele Bundchen‘s original shots are hardly as scandalous as you’re thinking and some of the photoshop changes are barely noticeable. Quick fixes included shirts being added underneath low-cut spaghetti strap dresses and a few necklines and armpit areas were covered up so the model wasn’t showing so much skin.

However, in one of the shots it looked like the retoucher added a tee shirt that’s a little too skin tight, almost like it was painted on. Actually, it was painted on, just through a computer instead of real life. A less glaring change is from the campaign image below; can you spot the difference? There’s only two slight changes- the white shirt’s neckline and fabric added to the back of the shirt.

What are your thoughts on the photoshopped campaign? You can browse all of Gisele’s H&M ads on MyFDB!

[via Telegraph UK]

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  • carleisha

    I think that if there is an ad campaign for a country where showing skin is offensive, then photoshoping the images is ok. I think that this may better identify with how someone who lives there might actually wear the clothes. It’s not like they photoshoped her face. :-)



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