High Society, Just Like You And I, Only Better

Mar 6, 2011 By Amy

With shows like Gossip Girl and The Real Housewives, people may get the wrong idea about High Society, however accordingly to Flair magazine’s “High Society” editorial, these elitists are very similar to you and I. Riches aside, it’s nice to see models portray the upper class doing pseudo-normal things such as painting a mailbox whilst wearing white fur or taking a boat ride while rocking deer antlers.

After all, doesn’t everyone glamorously knit scarves on a boat by moonlight? Or lay out in the sun surrounded by fancy umbrellas?

Okay, I kid…But, all joking aside I love this high contrast “High Society” editorial from photographer, Paolo Zambaldi. Set designer,Viki Rutsch must’ve had a field day gathering props for the shoot! Items ranging from bright umbrellas, bird houses and golden leaves played a pivotal part in shoot.

Browse the full editorial and check out the team behind the scene on MyFDB!

Professional Credits:

Paolo Zambaldi Photographer
Yoichi Tomizawa Hair Stylist
Giampaolo Cecillato Makeup Artist
Anthony Granery Producer
Viki Rutsch Set Designer

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